Are There Marvel Heroes Private Servers?

If you’re a fan of Marvel Heroes looking for private servers to play, it can be hard to tell if there are Marvel Heroes’ private servers available due to its issues before. But, what happens to the game? Are you looking for updates? 

For now, let’s talk about Marvel Heroes in detail, and let us give you some heads up about this multiplayer game. 

Are There Any Private Servers for Marvel Heroes?

Due to copyright issues, our gamers and programmers noted that private servers for Marvel Heroes are almost impossible. Those who will attempt to run a private server may face lawsuits or criminal punishment. 

Marvel Heroes in game

Alternatives to Try

Instead of Marvel Heroes, our gamers recommend World of Warcraft (WoW) as the best alternative. But, if you’re opting for a free online game, then we suggest Wizard101 and Black Desert Online.

If you prefer other Marvel Heroes games, we recommend playing Sacred, Spiral Knights, Diablo, and Star Wars: The Old Republic.


Can you still play Marvel Heroes Omega offline?

You can’t play Marvel Heroes offline now. It was free until Disney bought the rights, completely shutting down the game [1]href>.  

Is Marvel Heroes still playable?

No, you can’t play Marvel Heroes. After Disney ended its partnership with Gazillion Entertainment in 2017, Marvel Heroes was taken offline due to technical problems. 

Is Marvel Heroes Omega coming back?

Marvel Heroes Omega coming back to the gaming world is still in question. But, from what Gazillion announced in 2017, it seems like there are no plans for bringing back the game any time soon. Almost 5 years have passed, and there have been no updates until now.


Marvel Heroes is a famous multiplayer game because it’s free to play. However, due to technical problems, its owners decided to cease its operation, shutting down the game completely. 

So, if you’re still looking for Marvel Heroes private servers to play this awesome game, there’s a really small chance due to strict copyright issues. You would not want to deal with lawsuits or punishment, right?  

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