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Fastest Car in Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 is known for its variety of kart customizations available, each with its own unique features and abilities. But with so many options to choose from, players often wonder which car is the fastest in the game. 

Here, we will take a closer look at the fastest car in Mario Kart 8 and provide some tips and strategies for maximizing your speed on the track.

Donkey Kong, B Dasher Kart, Triforce Tires, and Super Glider

Donkey Kong is a popular character in the Mario Kart series and is known for his strength and speed. When combined with the right kart, tires, and glider, he can become a formidable opponent on the track. 

The B Dasher Kart is a great option for Donkey Kong as it has excellent speed and acceleration. It is also one of the easiest karts to handle, making it a good choice for players who are just starting.

The Triforce tires are also a great addition to this build. They provide excellent traction, which is essential for heavier characters like Donkey Kong. With good traction, players can maintain control of their kart, even when taking sharp turns at high speeds. This can be a game-changer on more challenging tracks, where handling can make all the difference.


The Super Glider is another crucial component of this build. While other gliders may provide better bonuses, they also come with penalties that can slow down the kart’s speed. The Super Glider, on the other hand, provides a standard boost without significant stat changes, making it the ideal choice for players looking to maximize their speed.

Overall, Donkey Kong with the B Dasher Kart, Triforce Tires, and Super Glider, can reach a total speed of 5.25. This makes him one of the fastest characters in the game, and a great option for players looking to win races and set new records.

Roy, Standard ATV Kart, Gold Tires, and Plane Glider

Roy is one of the characters in Mario Kart 8 who can achieve exceptional speed with the right kart, tires, and glider. With the Standard ATV Kart and Gold Tires, he can increase his speed significantly, making him a formidable opponent on the track.

However, this build comes with some drawbacks. Roy’s acceleration and handling will be compromised due to the increased speed, making it challenging to navigate tight turns and obstacles on the track. Players using this build will need to be careful and have good reflexes to stay on the track and avoid hazards.

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The Plane Glider however, does not boost his traction and adds modest increase in weight, but it’s easy to unlock early in the game. 

This can help Roy stay grounded and maintain control of his kart at high speeds, even on more challenging tracks. This is one of the greatest Mario Kart 8 setups since it is generally a quick build, hitting 5.5 top speed.

Baby Daisy, Biddybuggy Kart, Roller Tires, Cloud Glider

Baby Daisy may not be the first character that comes to mind when players think of speed in Mario Kart 8, but with the right kart setup, she can be surprisingly quick. The Biddybuggy Kart, Roller Tires, and Cloud Glider may seem like an unconventional combination for speed, but it works effectively for this character.

Acceleration is a crucial factor for this build, which may be a weakness for some other kart setups. The Biddybuggy Kart and Roller Tires provide excellent acceleration, allowing Baby Daisy to recover quickly from mistakes and get back up to speed. 

This can be particularly useful on tracks with lots of obstacles or tight turns, where acceleration is more important than top speed.

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The inclusion of the Cloud Glider is another interesting aspect of this kart setup, as it offers a slight increase in the weight of the kart. This can be beneficial for Baby Daisy when racing at high speeds, as it can help to improve the overall control and stability of the kart on more difficult tracks.

Wario, Circuit Special Kart, Metal Tires, and Wario Wing

Wario is a popular choice for players who want to create a kart setup that prioritizes speed. With a maximum character speed of 4.75, he has a solid base to work with, and with the right combination of kart and equipment, he can become one of the fastest characters in the game.

To achieve maximum speed, players often choose the Circuit Special Kart and Metal Tires for Wario. While this combination sacrifices acceleration, handling, and traction, it provides a significant boost to speed. With this setup, players can add an extra 1.0 speed to Wario’s base speed, bringing him up to a total speed of 5.75.

Metal Tires for Wario

The Wario Wing is another key component of this build, as it completes the setup and adds a small increase in speed. However, players should be aware that this build comes with some significant risks. 

The subpar handling and traction of the Circuit Special Kart and Metal Tires can make it difficult to control the kart, especially at high speeds. As such, players should be prepared to deal with the challenges that come with such a high-speed build.

Bowser, P-Wing Kart, Gold Tires, and Hylian Kite

Bowser, being the heaviest character in the game, may not be the first choice for players looking to create a speedy kart setup. However, with the right combination of kart and equipment, Bowser can become one of the fastest characters in the game.

By using the P-Wing Kart and the Gold Tires, Bowser can increase his base speed of 4.75 to the game’s maximum speed of 5.75. This is a significant increase in speed, and it can make Bowser a force to be reckoned with on the track.

Hylian Kite

The Hylian Kite guarantees that Bowser maintains his glider’s speed without adding any extra weight that may make this design difficult to handle.


Speed isn’t everything to win in Mario Kart 8, but it can surely turn the tide in a race. You can follow the combinations suggested here for the best speeds, but remember that it’s you who controls the steering wheel.

Test out different combinations that suit your style, and drive it to your heart’s content on the track!

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