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Lt. John Llama Location on Fortnite

If you’re a gamer, then you know the importance of finding Lt. John Llama on Fortnite Chapter 3. Luckily, our resident gamers got the scoop on where to find him. Read on for the details!

Where Can You Find Lt. John Llama in Fortnite Chapter 3?

Lt. John Llama is an NPC in the game and one of Chapter Three, season one exclusive skins. By completing daily and weekly challenges, players can use the battle pass to acquire Lt. John Llama as a playable skin. 

Since it won’t be practical in most situations to rotate across the map only to talk to the multicolored Llama, you’ll need to know exactly where he is if you want to visit him during a game to finish a challenge or for any other purpose.

llma in fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter Three, season one, Lt. John Llama lives south of Logjam Lumberyard. He is also one of the hireable NPCs in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1, who can be added to your team for 95 gold bars. 

The only other sniper rifle outside the Hunter Bolt-Action Rifle [1] is the Exotic Boom Sniper Rifle, which he also sells for 600 gold bars. When you hire Lt. John Llama, he will begin to follow you and shoot at intruders that he spots. 

You can also move 1,000 meters with Lt. John Llama to finish a questline task if you haven’t finished your Foundation challenges yet.

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