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Lost Ark Server Transfer: Can I Move Characters Between Servers?

Are you attempting to move even just one character from one server to another but can’t be successful? Then, you’re one of those players wondering about the issue with the Lost Ark server transfer. 

To clarify this, our online gamers and programmers share updates about changing servers and instant functionality issues.

Can You Transfer Lost Ark Characters to a Different Server?

As of now, you can’t transfer your Lost Ark character to a new server. Many MMOs servers are still experiencing long queues and wait times during the login process. 

While Smilegate RPG and Amazon created a new server region called Europe West to address the overpopulation issue, other issues such as matchmaking and the Crystalline Auras service remain. 

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One of the main reasons many regions are still experiencing issues is the lack of a paid service called Crystalline Auras. For sure, you’d agree that it would be great if players could make server transfers in the Western version of Lost Ark, but it’s not currently available.

Lost Ark's Official Statement

Amazon Game Studios has released an update about some of the biggest issues players have with the game Lost Ark.

Their statement mentions that server transfers are not considered a viable option at this point for the Western version and the rest of the world. 

And as of now, they are currently working with the game developer to fix the issue and provide a proper solution even for multiple characters. So if you can’t create a Lost Ark character on your current server, you can’t transfer it to another server yet.

Why Does the Server Transfer Only Exists in Korea?

Server transfer only exists in the Korean version because most fans of the game come from this country. 

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Due to the lack of Lost Ark’s player count in the Europe Central region [1], it cannot grow its character creation process and launch features that allow the cross-region functionality. So, the character slots transferring to different servers is not a viable option for now because the Lost Ark servers are locked

Also, adding more servers to a network is impossible due to the complexity of all the systems that need to work together.

Will Lost Ark Have the Server Transfer Feature Soon?

As Amazon stated, they are currently working with Smilegate RPG to address the issue. It means that they can launch Lost Ark server transfer features any time soon. 

Also, it is a weekly batch process that requires maintenance to run, so Amazon promised to do everything until they’ve used all options. 


If you want to play Lost Ark with your friends but you’re not on the same server, you’ll need to transfer characters from yours to theirs or play with them through a cross-server of Lost Ark. However, you can’t do this for now, or you can, but with many limitations.

Yes, there are character options, but Lost Ark does not currently support cross-region functionality. Keeping yourself updated is extremely important to not miss any data if ever the game updates soon!

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