Koikatsu Sunshine Install Koikatsu Sunshine

How to Install Koikatsu Sunshine

If you’re looking to install the game Koikatsu Sunshine, this post will outline the steps necessary to do so. The process is simple and will only take a few minutes to complete. With these directions, anyone can successfully install this game and start playing:

How to Install the Game?

Koikatsu Sunshine Install

How to Install the Game Updates

Illusion update files are in the form of an .exe file [1], which does not always work on computers that are not in Japanese. 

A workaround is to open the file as if it were compressed with the program 7-zip (right click -> 7-zip -> Open archive). There may be several Japanese folders within the file. 

install koikatsu sunshine

For each of them, look for the “setup” folder and extract the files inside to your game folder (remember, the game should be installed in C:\illusion\KoikatsuSunshine), and the folder “abdata” and his companions must be extracted to the game folder (where “KoikatsuSunshine.exe” is). If asked, overwrite the files when extracting.

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