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Killing Floor 2 Server Takeover: How it Works

Killing Floor 2 server takeover is catching players’ attention. If you’re one of those players curious about this game feature, let our tech team walk you through this setting and know how it works. 

If you’re into private games, you should know that the server takeover option exists. Let’s start!

How to Enable the Server Takeover Feature on Killing Floor 2

Actually, server takeover is naturally in the game and enabled on servers by default. You can choose to play your game private when you create a lobby. This will allow you to take over another server. 

But, how to enable the server takeover? Here’s how:

Step #1: Go to matchmaking and invite friends you want to join in your lobby. Once they’re in, change the “Public” permissions tab to “Private Password/Friends Only.”

Killing Floor 2 online matchmaking option

Step #2: Select “Find Game,” and feel free to modify the rest of your search preferences. A window will pop up asking you to set a password [1] for your game or lobby. 

Step #3: Set your desired password. Then, Killing Floor 2 will search for an empty server to take over your game settings while you are using it. 

The password will automatically be removed once all the members in your lobby leave the server so that other players may use it again. 

Settings Error on Server Takeover and How to Fix it

Though the server takeover feature is interesting, it has this settings error that you may need to fix. 

This feature can only search for maps installed locally in the \steamapps\common\killingfloor2\KFGame\BrewedPC\Maps folder. 

Killing Floor 2 gameplay

If you like to search for a particular server that runs on a custom to take over, make sure you have installed the map in this folder or location (\steamapps\common\killingfloor2\KFGame\BrewedPC\Maps).  

This allows you to select it in your search preferences. But, it is very unlikely that you will be able to find a custom server that runs the exact map you desire with the server takeover feature activated. If in case it works, be ready for long search times.  


Using the Killing Floor 2 server takeover feature is very interesting, allowing you to play privately with a few friends. However, there’s a boundary to what server you can use.

Overall, you can always enable this feature. Refer to the steps above, and you can enjoy the game with your chosen friends privately in no time!

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