Is BitSkins Legit? Here’s a Full Review of This CS:GO Trading Site (2022)

If you’ve been in the gaming world long enough, you’d know that BitSkins remain a highly trusted CS:GO skin marketplace. While many traders buy and sell CSGO skins on this platform, are you really safe from players who commit payments fraud? Let our resident traders take it from here and review the popular features that make BitSkins safe and efficient. 

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History and Experience

You may not know it, but BitSkins has been a reliable trading game service since its foundation in 2015. The overflowing reviews on the internet didn’t surprise our gaming experts so much as this platform has long been known for being an avenue of in-game transactions. 

Although it started with the vision of giving users the option to use cryptocurrency deposits for selling and buying items in CSGO, the company has extended its offerings since then. Right now, BitSkins is a platform for selling and buying items in Steam games like Dota 2, Z1 Battle Royale, PUBG, Team Fortress, and a lot more. 

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This skin marketplace also built its reputation for transactions that can be completed within a few minutes. And because the company offers intense KYC verification processes and support, most loyal users remain at ease when selling and buying skins within the platform. 

Operating under the legal regulations of San Francisco, California, BitSkins continues to be a platform under the Other Miscellaneous Store Retailers Industry. Similar to other digital marketplaces that trade gaming skins, it has an age restriction of 18 years old. 

BitSkins Features


Its black and green theme is what caught our team’s attention the most at first glance. This skin marketplace has a touch of classic website design not seen anymore in typical platforms where you buy and sell CSGO skins. Despite that, the straightforwardness of its user interface is the charm we liked the most. 

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Due to its simplistic design, the user interface delivers well-optimized and fast response times. When we tried to buy and sell skins, the transaction went smoother than we expected. If there’s something we can comment on, it would be the payment method as it tends to be a bit complicated and could use more improvement on the site’s end.

Buying and Selling

Now, the simple answer to the question “Is BitSkins legit?” relies on trying it first-hand. First off, the available CSGO skins in their inventory are broader than most platforms. When you buy skins in BitSkins, all you have to do is type in the specific skin name you’re searching for. 

Once the results are in, it’ll come back with a list of CSGO skins matching the name searched by the user. All in-game items laid out on the screen have different prices, and it’s up to the users which one is worth their money. 

Once you’ve decided, press the “Add to Cart” option on the BitSkins website, and it will redirect you to the sign-up window before you can proceed with the transactions. If the user has a Steam account, you can register quickly to the site. From there, you’ll be able to select payment methods where the funds will be charged for the items purchased.  

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Compared to other sites including Skinport trading platform, selling skins on the BitSkins platform may take a while. However, once purchased, the company provides users with many easy ways to withdraw money via Paypal or Bitcoin.

If you’re looking for a withdrawal method with better rates so that you can enjoy the money you earned from your sold items, we recommend using cryptocurrencies. 

Payment Options

The company understands why users practice extra caution when transferring real money to game funds, which is why BitSkins provided multiple ways to deposit and withdraw. Direct bank transfers are among these options but note that it will take at least seven days for processing.  

On the bright side, there’s also the VISA card payment option. As you know, VISA withdrawals only take less than a day to process. However, our resident traders noted that it has a daily limit of $200. 

Another reliable and user-friendly method BitSkins provide is payment via Paypal. You don’t need to read reviews to know that many online users find it convenient for fast transactions that take less than five minutes. 

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You can also consider using money to buy skins through Bitcoin. Like the previous option, it’s extremely fast as well. Although each user is capable of adding funds, the transaction fee may vary depending on the payment source used.

Ease of Use

Some reviews would ask, “Is BitSkins legit?” because the platform seems less fancy than others. However, its simple interface contributes a lot to the ease of use of BitSkins. The minimal menu items and drop comprehensive drop-down options allowed us to explore the site smoothly with almost no delays. 

Promos and Bonuses

As previously stated, BitSkins rarely offer bonuses and promos to its users. Like us, many other reviews on the internet pointed this out as well. 

And because there are very few occasions they give out promo codes, our team recommends constantly checking for BitSkins bonuses. This site is a reliable source for updated promotions and coupons you can use. Once claimed, it’ll surely boost your trading experience on the BitSkins site. 

Additional Features

More than anything else, what caught our interest the most is the activeness of BitSkins on socials like Twitter. Their willingness to provide support in this platform is not commonly seen by their competitors. They vocally encourage users of their platform to reach them for honest reviews and suggest improvements to the site. 

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BitSkins seem serious about this vision by providing bounties to any user who can find bugs in their systems. This type of customer support is hardly ever observed in other CSGO sites.

Customer Support

One of the reasons other traders ask the question, “Is BitSkins legit?” is its lack of live chat support. While BitSkins remain praise-worthy at other aspects of the platform, live chats offer users real-time solutions and customer support [1].

On the bright side, our team advises you to reach their customer support line via their Twitter account with the user handle @bitskins. Besides that, they have an email address solely dedicated to customer support inquires. You can send your queries to 

Skin Pricing

The price history in this platform isn’t standardized. Most of the items are sold with a price tag set by the seller in BitSkins. The good thing is these prices are openly displayed on the platform. All you need to do is scroll through and compare them to see which has a fair value.

Refund Policy

Like any other company that trades CSGO skins, BitSkins allow its users to deposit funds in specific denominations. Although these funds instantly become withdrawable by the user’s Steam inventory, does BitSkins have specific refund policies relating to this? The short answer’s yes, they do. 

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Before you proceed with a refund, our resident gamers would like to remind you that the in-game fund that has been partially spent in a transaction is non-refundable. But no worries, because “purchased but unconsumed items” are eligible for BitSkins refund undoubtedly.

Privacy and Banning Policies

With the rising number of online trading dangers, BitSkins made sure to run their platform with an SSL-encrypted connection. With this feature, users can rest assured that the site is secured and encrypted. 

On top of that, BitSkins has a Cloudflare function that protects its system from DDoS attacks. This protection guarantees that your payment information is safe and won’t ever be compromised. 

If you’re one of those traders who are planning to commit ID fraud, payment fraud, or any unfair deals, our resident traders suggest that you scram now. 

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You see, BitSkins doesn’t take bans lightly. But if you’re wrongly banned, there’s a high chance you can get back on the platform by asking them to review your case. If you haven’t committed any actions against their policies, then BitSkins would immediately take action. 

Customer Experience

It’s very rare nowadays to have a ton of positive reviews in the internet, so our team commends BitSkins for having a relatively high rating across different platforms. The same with DMarket, the site is visited by millions of people every month as well. That alone is enough to prove the relevance of BitSkins. 

Bitskins Alternatives

Among the sites that you can consider instead of BitSkins is LOOTBEAR. One of the striking differences it has from BitSkins is that it offers to rent your high-value skins and be paid monthly. Yes, you read that right! Although you have the option to do the skin trading the normal way, some sellers prefer to do this to get a monthly fee. 

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Is BitSkins legal?

Yes, BitSkins is legal. As a matter of fact, this CSGO trading platform has been operating since 2015. With millions of page visits every month, it goes to show how reliable this site is for selling and buying skins. Trading is also safe in BitSkins as they have safety features and take action seriously against fraud. 

How do I cash out on BitSkins?

You can cash out on BitSkins through their different withdrawal options available for their users. It’s highly recommended to use exchange apps like to easily withdraw your earnings within minutes and transfer them to Paypal. This platform also has better rates through cryptocurrency channels.

Review Conclusion: BitSkins

Trading skins on online platforms isn’t as complicated as other people claim, so our seasoned traders hope this guide was able to answer your question, “Is BitSkins legit or not?”. As a platform that acts and promotes against trading scams and ensures information safety, it’s certainly among the most trustworthy ones out there.

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