Invisible Inc Secondary Server Termina Invisible Inc.

Invisible Inc Secondary Server Terminal — Your Quick Guide

Invisible Inc. is an online game created by Klei Entertainment. It is a unique turn-based strategy game that takes place in a cyberpunk future. In this game, players control an elite team of agents as they infiltrate and take control of numerous high-security facilities. 

With this complex world-building, new players often wonder what the secondary server terminal is and what it has to offer. Luckily, our resident gamers have everything you know about it in this guide!

What is Invisible Inc.'s Secondary Server Terminal?

Many maps in Invisible, Inc. feature a Secondary Server Terminal that will sell you two Incognita programs. 

To obtain the most powerful and effective programs, you must locate the black market software engineer [1] ShopKat, who can only be contacted via corporate servers located in Server Farms.

Invisible Inc Secondary Server Termina

The Primary Server Terminal is located in a large room with two consoles, which can be used to locate it. It may or may not contain a guard, but it will provide ample cover. Unlocking the PST enables you to purchase from ShopKat, whose inventory is significantly larger and more potent than usual.

Upon exiting the PST’s purchase screen for the first time, a random assortment of Daemons will randomly infest various mainframe devices. 

Techs and civilian scientists whose laboratories are only accessible via the Dongles they carry on their person, may be present in Server Farms. This will grant you access to their labs and a free, typically potent Incognita program contained within.


The Invisible Inc Secondary Server Terminal is an important part of the game that allows players to purchase powerful Incognita programs from the black market software engineer ShopKat. 

Additionally, Techs may be present in Server Farms, providing access to their labs and a free Incognita program.

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