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The Best Insurgency: Sandstorm Mods

Insurgency: Sandstorm is a popular first-person shooter video game that has gained a loyal following among gamers. One of the reasons for its popularity is the extensive modding community that has developed around the game. But with so many mods available for Insurgency: Sandstorm, it can be overwhelming to know which ones to choose. 

In this context, we list the best Insurgency: Sandstorm mods that can significantly enhance your gaming experience.

Available Mods: Overview

Despite being an enjoyable game, Insurgency: Sandstorm has certain flaws, especially in co-op mode. Nevertheless, there are a variety of mods that players can use to improve the game’s gameplay mechanics, maps, and quality leading to a more engaging and difficult experience. 

This article aims to delve into some of the most prevalent mods for Insurgency: Sandstorm, focusing on co-op mode and detailing their features and advantages.

How To Install Mods

Installing mods in Insurgency: Sandstorm is a hassle-free procedure. Players can start the game, choose the server they want to join, and the game will automatically download and install the mod that’s being used on that server.

Insurgency mods

List of the Best Sandstorm Mods


The ISMC (Insurgency Sandstorm Modding Collective) Mod is a popular mod for Insurgency: Sandstorm that aims to enhance the game’s realism, immersion, and gameplay mechanics.  

It adds new weapons, attachments, equipment, skins, game modes, maps, and AI improvements, as well as overhauls the game’s visuals and audio for a more realistic experience. 


Customization of weapons

Redwood Reborn

It brings a refreshing change of pace from the typical desert maps found in the base game.  As a co-op checkpoint map set in a massive redwood forest, players will navigate a series of checkpoints while surrounded by towering trees and enemies attacking from all directions. 

This unique setting and gameplay mechanics provide a new and exciting experience for players looking for a break from the typical urban and close-quarters combat-focused maps.


Operation Redwood

This provides a realistic forest environment with minimal cover, numerous enemies, and long distances, creating a Mil-Sim experience. 

Success in co-op matches requires collaboration, strategic planning, and execution to provide cover and complete objectives.

In the redwood



This offers players a challenging and immersive experience of brutal close-quarters combat in an enemy-occupied prison. 

With its impressive details and numerous angles and corners, players must clear out every hallway and section to capture each objective and eliminate the enemy forces. 



This offers players a well-balanced gameplay experience that caters to both long-range and close-quarter combat. The map is designed in a way that challenges players with enemies in both open spaces and areas surrounded by housing.

TORO map

Moreover, players will also encounter lightly wooded areas that are filled with lush greenery, providing an additional element of immersion to the gameplay. 



This is a great co-op map set in a snowy valley surrounded by beautiful Afghan mountains. Players must battle enemies to capture objectives and achieve victory while exploring diverse environments such as an Insurgent base in the woods, scrapyard, frozen lake, and towns. 

With multiple gameplay scenarios available, such as Domination, Checkpoint, and Push. Highlands promises an engaging and challenging co-op experience.


Mountain Pass

This delivers exciting spec-ops missions where players fight their way through densely wooded areas to capture objectives, destroy caches, and hold off counter-attacks. 

Featuring stunning scenery and long-range combat, this challenging scene is a must-play for fans of the game.



This mod is set in a rural area of North Macedonia with many houses and tree cover, making it perfect for sniping. 

It also has diverse terrain features like big rocks and hills, providing cover and better vantage points. This challenging map tests players’ sniping skills and adaptability.

Attempting an locate the enemy from afar


Improved AI

This mod addresses inconsistent bot behavior in the game. It enhances the bots’ intelligence, allowing players to adjust their behavior and difficulty level for a more realistic and challenging co-op experience. The mod aims to improve the overall quality of the game by providing a better AI performance.


Insurgency 2014 Map Pack

This offers seven classic maps from the original game. These maps include Embassy, Station, Peak, Revolt, Market, Panj, and Heights. Players can relive the gameplay mechanics and strategies of the previous version while enjoying the updated features of the current game.


Tactical Armory

Tactical Armory is a mod that brings new Insurgency: Sandstorm weapons, attachments, gear, and other additions to the game, as well as gameplay tweaks such as increased upper body damage and decreased movement speed. 

This creates a slower and more tactical gameplay experience for those looking for more variety.



Players must defend and capture objectives while fighting off hordes of zombies, including special ones with unique abilities. 

This post-apocalyptic experience offers an exciting and challenging twist to the gameplay.


More Ammo Mutator

By enabling this mutator, players can modify the number of magazines they can carry for their under-barrel attachments, primary and secondary. 

The mutator grants players the flexibility to set their magazines and ammo quantity to any value, allowing them to experiment to their heart’s content.


More Fire Support

More Fire Support is a mod that delivers precisely what it promises – an abundance of fire backup. With this mod, players can increase the number of fire support options available to them. 

Moreover, the mod eliminates the cooldown at every beginning of the round, making it a hassle-free and streamlined experience for players who crave non-stop action.


No Restricted Area Mutator

By installing this mod, players can eliminate the frustrating unallowed areas that limit their ability to fire their weapons or use their equipment. 

With the mod, players can position themselves wherever they choose, providing the freedom to annihilate entire waves of enemies with ease.



While this may seem like a minor and insignificant detail, the mod significantly enhances the overall immersion of the gameplay experience while showcasing a player’s preferred cosmetic choices. 

FpLegs is a mod that provides a simple yet impactful feature – the ability to see your legs in first-person view. 



The Shoot House mod is tailored explicitly for fans of the original Shoot House map from Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

This iconic map is a popular and enjoyable feature of the game, and its inclusion in Insurgency: Sandstorm is sure to delight fans.



Insurgency: Sandstorm prioritizes a blend of simulation and action gameplay, resulting in fewer new battle styles. 

With an easy-to-install mod, players can jump and shoot simultaneously, ignoring the developer’s vision. This simple adjustment highlights that nothing is out of bounds.


Jump and then shoot

Compound City

This map supports Coop Hardcore Checkpoint Security and Coop Checkpoint Security gameplay modes and demands players and their teams to stay at the pinnacle of their performance.



The Trenches map elevates the realism of the game, enabling players and their teams to experience the trenches of World War I firsthand.


Tactical Theaters

This mod comprises load-outs that alter some of the game’s essential mechanics. It brings significant updates to slot systems, weapons, and class.

About to enter the theatres

 Players have two options to experience these changes – either launch a personal server or request their preferred administrator to implement them.



Shipment, a map faithfully recreated from the fourth Call of Duty game, offers a familiar playing field for those who have played the original title extensively. 

The addition of the Massacre game mode injects excitement by challenging players to emerge victorious through sheer speed.


Shipment mod

Tactical Bots

The Tactical Bots mod addresses the issue of unintelligent AI in close-quarters combat by enhancing the bots’ capabilities. 

However, since it’s a mod for servers, players must find a supporting server or create their own to experiment with the improved AI [1].


Wolf Land

The Wolf Land map is an elaborately crafted terrain that includes a night mode, adding a new level of suspense to gameplay. The map is compatible with all game modes.


Checking behind before entering enemy camp

Wrapping Up

Insurgency: Sandstorm i has captivated players with its immersive and realistic gameplay. The game’s community has developed an impressive collection of mods that cater to various preferences and  styles. 

The choice of which mod to use will depend on the player’s individual preferences and objectives. Whatever the preference, the diverse range of Insurgency: Sandstorm mods ensures that players can customize their gameplay experience to their liking.

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