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Hunt Showdown Tips: Ultimate Player’s Guide

Hunt: Showdown involves hunting down and banishing terrifying creatures while navigating treacherous terrain and competing against other players for the bounty. As a challenging and intense game, players may need some helpful tips and tricks to improve their gameplay and increase their chances of survival. 

Thus, we will delve into some useful Hunt: Showdown tips that can assist players in mastering the game and achieving success.

Tips And Tricks For An Improved Gaming Experience

1. Invest in your load-outs

Having a well-rounded loadout in Hunt: Showdown, a first-person shooter video game. A balanced loadout includes a primary and secondary weapon, a melee weapon, tools, and consumables. 

The primary weapon is crucial for dealing damage to enemies and bosses, and it’s essential to choose one that suits your playstyle. A reliable secondary weapon and melee weapon can come in handy in various situations. 

Tools such as concertina wire and flash bombs provide strategic advantages, while consumables such as medkits and vitality shots help heal the player.

2. Master the use of your tools and weapons

This is an important aspect of improving your gameplay [1]. To do this, you should take the time to practice with each weapon, including understanding their strengths and weaknesses. 

Hunt Showdown rifle

It is also essential to learn the maps to identify areas where you can use your tools to your advantage. Experimenting with different combinations of weapons, tools, and consumables can help you find the best loadout for your playstyle. 

3. Checkout your recruit

It is recommended to refresh your recruits after every round for various reasons. Recruiting new hunters can improve your chances of success by complementing your playstyle with different traits and abilities. 

Refreshing your recruits is also cost-effective and can save you money, allowing you to invest in better equipment or consumables. Additionally, trying out new hunters with different load-outs can allow you to experiment with new weapons and tools. 

4. Utilize Non-Lethal Tools

Non-lethal tools can be used to take out smaller enemies quietly, save ammunition, create distractions, disable traps, and prevent enemies from healing. 

HUNT Scrapbreak

By utilizing non-lethal tools, players can avoid alerting enemies and gain a strategic advantage over other players, increasing their chances of success.

5. Go to a match and farm

Go into a match and just farm as a useful tactic. This allows players to practice their skills, gather resources, learn the map, experiment with different tactics, and have fun. 

Farming also provides a low-pressure situation for players to develop their playstyle without the fear of losing their hunter or bounty.

6. Make use of flare pistols and flares as tools for ignition

These tools can be used to ignite explosive barrels, create distractions, signal your team, light up dark areas, and start fires. This tactic can be useful in a variety of situations, from attacking enemies to navigating the map.

7. Create deadly traps

Concertina traps are wire traps that when triggered, release a tightly coiled razor wire that damages and slows down players. Poison traps release a cloud of poisonous gas that damages and poisons players, making them more vulnerable to attacks. 

Hunt Showdown setting traps

Bear traps are large, metal traps that snap shut on a player’s leg, immobilizing them and dealing significant damage.

8. Take time to check the surroundings

This tactic allows players to identify key areas, check their surroundings, regain their bearings, evaluate their loadout, and rest and recover. 

Pausing can be useful in helping players avoid unexpected danger, spot enemies, and make necessary adjustments to their loadout.

9. Make use of the chokebombs

Choke bombs can create a thick cloud of smoke that can be used to create a distraction, disorient enemies, protect oneself, flush out enemies, and create an escape route. This tactic can give players an advantage in combat. 

10. Do your role as a good teammate

This involves effective communication, supporting your team in combat, collaborating on strategy, maintaining a positive attitude, and showing respect toward your teammates. 

Hunt Showdown gameplay

Additionally, it is important to listen to your teammates, be aware of your surroundings, be flexible, show appreciation, and learn from mistakes.

11. Take advantage of decoys

To improve your gameplay, it’s recommended to use decoys in more than one way. This includes using them to distract enemies, set traps, check for enemies, create diversions, and mislead enemies. 

Decoys are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of situations, making them an important part of any Hunt: Showdown player’s toolkit.

12. Use lanterns to prevent horses from screaming

Using a lantern to quiet screaming horses in the game is a useful tactic that can reduce enemy awareness, avoid attracting other players, save ammunition, and provide a convenient option for players. 

Horses screaming can alert enemies to your location and attract other players, so using a lantern to quiet them can help players remain undetected and stealthy. 

Hunt Showdown lanterns

Lanterns are a common tool found throughout the map, making them a convenient and accessible option for players. 

13. Stay quiet in the game

Keeping quiet is a critical tactic in the game as it helps players avoid attracting unwanted attention, listen to enemy movements, prevent friendly fire, and increase situational awareness. 

Making too much noise can alert enemies to your location and make it harder to move stealthily. It can also prevent accidental friendly fire and improve communication between teammates. 

14. Don’t go out after a banish

This tactic can help you avoid enemy ambushes as enemies may be waiting outside to attack you once the banish is complete. 

Additionally, it allows you to listen to enemy movements and detect any approaching enemies. Staying inside can also give you time to heal up and restock on supplies, helping you prepare for the next encounter.

15. Quietly Open Doors

Players can approach doors slowly and interact with them quietly to avoid alerting nearby enemies.

Hunt Showdown prepare to open door

16. Utilize Concertina Bombs for protection

Using concertina bombs to protect yourself is a useful tactic that can block off choke points, slow down enemies, set traps, and provide protection. 

By throwing a concertina bomb in a doorway or choke point, you can create a barrier that forces enemies to take an alternate route. 

If enemies try to pass through, the razor wire can slow them down, giving you time to prepare for an encounter or retreat to a safer location.

17. Walk to Regain Stamina

Players can conserve stamina and recover it more quickly by walking instead of sprinting, which can be particularly useful in situations that require quiet movement.

18. Be an active listener

Listening carefully is a vital tip that can give players an advantage in combat and help them avoid hazards. By listening to enemy movements, players can detect their position and movements, making it easier to engage or avoid them. 

Hunt Showdown aiming weapon

Listening can also help players detect traps that enemies have set or determine the location of AI enemies, such as hives or immolators. 

19. Practice the ring trick

This involves placing two explosives in a circular pattern and luring enemies into the center of the ring. Once enemies are inside the ring, players can detonate the explosives to deal massive damage and take out multiple enemies at once.

20. Create chaos with fire

Players can use fire as a weapon to create panic among enemies and increase their chances of success. 

They can use fire-based weapons to set enemies on fire, light the environment on fire to create chaos, force enemies into areas with flammable objects, and block off areas with walls of fire.

21. Safely Drop to the Ground

Players can avoid taking fall damage by using their melee attack to cushion their fall, enabling them to move more quickly and safely through the environment.

Hunt Showdown searching room

22. Use poison for sound traps and grunts

They can use poison bombs or the poison crossbow to quickly take out grunts or sound traps without making noise. Poison can also help players move quietly through the environment and avoid attracting attention. 

Players can also combine poison with other tactics, such as using it to lure enemies into a trap or in conjunction with a concertina bomb or bear trap to create an instant kill trap. 

23. Demons are not only river threats

By being aware that water demons are not the only threat in rivers, players can avoid getting caught off guard by other players hiding in the water, explosive barrels, drowning, and strong currents. It’s an important aspect of the game that should not be overlooked.

24. Muffle Your Movement Sound

Like some of the best shooter games on PS4, Hunt: Showdown players can use tools like throwing knives or dusters to muffle their movement sounds, allowing them to move stealthily and avoid alerting nearby enemies.

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Wrapping Up

Overall, the choice of applying these tips in Hunt: Showdown depends on your playstyle and the situation at hand. Just keep in mind that each of these tips has its benefits and can be helpful in certain situations. 

Incorporating these tips into your gameplay can help you move more stealthily, avoid taking unnecessary damage, and conserve your resources, which can increase your chances of surviving and achieving your objectives in the game. So, while these tips may not guarantee a win, they can certainly improve your chances of success. 

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