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Hunt: Showdown Scrapbeak — A Boss Guide

One of the most challenging bosses in the game is Scrapbeak, a gigantic mechanical bird that patrols the bayous of Louisiana. Scrapbeak is a formidable foe, and defeating it requires a coordinated effort from a skilled team of hunters.  

In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Scrapbeak’s mechanics, strategies for taking it down, and the overall experience of facing off against this terrifying monster.

All About The Scrapbeak: Traits And Behavior

The Phases: Standard And Frenzy

Scrapbeak is a boss in a game with two distinct phases that players need to be aware of to defeat him successfully. The first phase is his standard phase, which occurs at the beginning of the boss fight and whenever he’s not in his frenzy mode. 

During this phase, Scrapbeak behaves like a regular boss, and players can attack him without any added difficulties. They can expect him to move at a moderate speed and deal normal damage.

However, as the fight progresses and Scrapbeak’s health drops, he enters his frenzy phase, which is the second phase. This is where things get much more challenging. Scrapbeak moves significantly faster and becomes much more aggressive, making it much harder to hit him. 

HUNT Scrapbreak

Additionally, he gains a 50% damage resistance boost, making him tougher to defeat. Moreover, Scrapbeak starts throwing out concertina traps, which are razor-sharp barbed wire traps that deal damage to players who come into contact with them. These traps can be extremely dangerous, and players should be careful not to get caught by them.

Despite these difficulties, there is an advantage to Scrapbeak’s frenzy phase. Whenever he goes into a panic, he drops consumables from his backpack, which can include health packs, ammo, and other useful items. Players can use this opportunity to restock and prepare for the next phase of the fight.

The Loadout

Scrapbeak is a boss in a game who doesn’t wear any armor but carries a backpack, which plays a crucial role in the boss [1] fight. Players should avoid attacking from behind since the backpack provides Scrapbeak with significant damage reduction from behind.

When facing Scrapbeak, players should take note of the melee weapon he’s holding as it determines the type of damage he can inflict. Here are the details of each weapon:

HUNT Scrapbreak Banishing


Scrapbeak is generally slow but gains a speed buff after each frenzy phase, which players should be aware of. However, his loud noises make it easy for players to track his movements, and they should pay attention to sound cues. 

To avoid getting caught, players should carefully plan their movements, keep their distance during the frenzy phase, and use cover and obstacles to their advantage.

HUNT Attack

The Lair

Scrapbeak’s lair is different from others as it doesn’t contain any world items, such as health packs or melee weapons. This means that players must be well-prepared with enough health packs, ammo, and consumables before entering the lair. 

Players should be careful not to take too much damage during the fight and use defensive tactics to protect themselves. They should also be strategic in using their consumables. Whereas, players cannot rely on lucky drops to save them during the Scrapbeak boss fight and should be well-prepared beforehand.

How To Defeat Scrapbeak

Players should aim for Scrapbeak’s head to deal maximum damage, which is his weak spot. They can also use piercing weapons like the cavalry saber, bomb lance, or pitchfork to deal significant damage. It is also worth noting that Scrapbeak is resistant to fire damage, so players should avoid using fire weapons or consumables. 

The sticky bomb is an effective weapon against Scrapbeak, but players should avoid throwing it at their backpacks as it does not deal much damage. Instead, players should aim for Scrapbeak’s head or another vulnerable area like his chest or legs to deal maximum damage.

During the fight, Scrapbeak will gain speed, making it more difficult for players to avoid their attacks. Therefore, players should be vigilant of their surroundings and particularly attentive to the traps that Scrapbeak throws during his frenzy phase. If necessary, players should plan for a quick escape and take note of every exit and ledge in the lair to ensure their survival.

The Banish

After defeating Scrapbeak, players will need to banish him to collect the bounty. This process takes five minutes and alerts the entire map to the players’ location. During this time, players must defend themselves against any enemies that come their way or eliminate them to keep the area safe.

HUNT Sticky bomb

Wrapping Up

In the end, defeating Scrapbeak in Hunt Showdown is optional, but it can provide players with valuable rewards such as experience points, cash, and the chance to obtain their bounty. 

Scrapbeak’s bounty can be used to unlock new weapons, traits, and tools that can be used to enhance gameplay.

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