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How Many Players Per Hunt Shutdown Match

One of the essential aspects of Hunt Shutdown is the number of players allowed in each match. The game can be played in various modes, including solo, duo, and trios. 

Each mode has a different number of players per match, which affects the gameplay experience and strategy. Thus, we will dive into this discussion here today.

How Many Players Are Allowed Per Match?

Regardless of if you are playing in Duos, Trios, or Solo mode, the maximum number of players allowed in a Hunt Showdown match is 12. It is possible to encounter fewer players in some matches, but never more than 12. 

When playing in Duos mode, you have the option to disable the ability to fight against Trios. By disabling this option, you will face more teams, making the gameplay more challenging. 

In Trios mode, you will be fighting fewer, but larger teams, which can also be more challenging. If you choose to play in Solo mode, you can disable teams of three, but not Duos.

Trios loadout

Quickplay matches can only be played in Solo mode, and while the number of hunters remains the same, you will be facing off against a full 12 players at once.

Is It Possible To Know The Enemy Team’s Size?

It is not possible to determine the size of the enemy team you are facing in Hunt: Showdown during a match, nor is it possible to know the size of a team you have eliminated unless you check the Team Details tab after the match has ended. 

However, a useful tip to prevent the enemy team from reviving their downed teammates is to burn their bodies. This will eliminate the possibility of a hidden or shy enemy Hunter reviving their teammate and potentially catching you off guard. 

Additionally, burning down enemy Hunters can also force any remaining enemies to reveal themselves, giving you an advantage in the fight.

Another useful strategy when engaging in combat with other teams in Hunt: Showdown is to take note of their weapon loadouts and character skins. This can be helpful in determining whether you have successfully wiped out an entire team or if there are remaining enemies hiding nearby.

Hunt Showdown

By keeping track of the weapons and skins of the enemies you encounter, you can also gain insights into their preferred playstyles and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Wrapping Up

The number of players per match is a crucial aspect that affects the gameplay experience [1].  While it can be challenging to determine the size of the opposing team during a match, players can use various indicators to gain insights into their opponents’ playstyles and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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