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Fixed: Human: Fall Flat Failed to Start a Server

Most players have reported that they run into the message “Failed to Start a Server” on Human: Fall Flat anytime they try to host a public or private server. 

This may be due to underlying problems with your network or software. But no matter the cause, it can be resolved. Our resident gamers will share their tested troubleshooting tips in this guide. Let’s start!

Fix #1: Run Human: Fall Flat as an Admin

As with other games, one of the first things to do when you cannot connect to a game server is to run the game as an admin. 

To do this, locate the game executable file (.exe) in the game folder. Right-click on the file, select properties, click on the compatibility tab and check the run as administrator box. 

Human Fall Flat Gameplay

This will run the game as an admin and likely fix the issue. But if the message still pops up, you can try the next fixes. 

Fix #2: Run Xbox Troubleshooter

The Xbox troubleshooter allows you to deal with startup issues. To launch the Xbox troubleshooter, hold the pair button and then press the Xbox button. 

Hold the buttons for about 10-15 seconds. You’d hear two power-up sounds seconds apart. Afterward, troubleshooting should commence immediately.

Fix #3: Optimize Network Connection

If you are playing the PVP mode, you must be connected to the internet. And, if there is a problem with your internet connection, it won’t be easy to connect to the game server. 

rebooting the router

To solve this, you will need to optimize your mobile network. You can restart your router, connect through a wired medium, or compare your network speed with the Microsoft recommended gaming Internet speed [1].

When to Contact Support

If any of this does not solve the problem, it would be best that you contact the support team. They will closely check if they have banned you from accessing the server or if there is scheduled maintenance or system upgrade.


As always, these tips we have listed in this guide are what worked for our team. Any time you encounter the error message “Failed to Start a Server” on Human: Fall Flat, employ these fixes in order.

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