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How to Make a SWTOR Private Server

As many players jump into Star Wars: The Old Republic servers, they are now getting crowded. And over-crowded servers are prone to server errors. So many players are looking for ways to join or make a SWTOR private server. But is this even possible? Are there existing private servers? If you’re wondering the same thing, let our technical team explain this to you in detail. 

Is it Possible to Create a SWTOR Private Server?

Yes, it is possible to create a private server for the game. However, creating a private server for SWTOR is no joke. Not enough players are capable of creating and running a private server. 

As per our programmers, what it takes to create a private server is a number of developers to come up with an emulator through sniffing network packets or reverse engineering. Then, it needs interpretation just to develop a private server from scratch. 

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swtor private server

Yes, it is possible to create a private server, but it takes time, a lot of resources, and effort.  

Are There Existing SWTOR Private Servers?

Unfortunately, there are no existing SWTOR private servers so far. It’s because it’s an insane amount of work to set up a private server, so it doesn’t have one. It takes years to complete.

Currently, players are all divided into SWTOR’s public and official servers, which are:

European Servers

US Servers

swtor star forge server

If you’re looking for a server to hop on, you need to know that Star Forge is currently the most crowded SWTOR server. If you opt for Star Forge, join at your own risk! 

Disney's Intellectual Property

Disney’s intellectual property is one of the main reasons why there are no existing SWTOR servers.  

Disney’s trademarks and copyright registrations serve to safeguard its SWTOR license. Copyright safeguards a unique creation, while a trademark protects the brand name. So, creating a private server can have conflicts with Disney’s IP [1]. 


If you’re already on a public server in SWTOR, you might as well continue enjoying the game on it. For now, just shrug off the idea of looking at or making a SWTOR private server. 

There are no existing private servers, and creating your own is way too complicated. Also, playing on the available servers is immensely more fun and challenging than exploring the world alone. 

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