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How to Join a Rust Server With an IP Address

To play Rust online, you will need to create your own server or connect to one. But how can you join a Rust server with an IP address? 

There are three various ways to join a Rust server: through the game servers list, in-game console, and Steam’s servers option. In this article, we’ll discuss each method. Let’s start!

Method #1: Join Rust Thru the Game Servers List

The easiest way to join a Rust server is through its server list. This method requires you to provide the name of the Rust server you wish to join. To proceed, follow the steps below: 

1. Open Rust, and on the main menu, tap on “Play the Game.”
2. Click any of the following tabs to choose server type:

RUST server list

3. Activate the Search box by clicking the “Search Servers” key. 
4. In the search box, input the server’s name.
5. Then, choose your desired server from the list then tap “Join Server.”

Method #2: Join Rust Thru the In-Game Console

If you can’t locate the server in the in-game list that you’ve tried first, then you can try the next method, the in-game console. But you need to know its IP address to use this method.

This will be your IP address if you are running a server on your Windows PC. Instead of typing in the full address, use the phrase localhost [1]. 

But, if you are planning on using a rented game server, make sure that the IP address of the server is registered with the server hosting service provider. You can also check the server’s IP address by searching for Rust servers.
Suppose you know the IP, follow the steps below to join a Rust server:

1. Open Rust and press F1 in-game to activate the console. 

2. Input the “client.connect command that replaces the port and IP with the Rust server’s IP address with its connecting port. The default port is “28015” for most Rust servers.

3. After you input the command, it should be like this, “client.connect : 28015.” 

4. Finally, press “Enter” to proceed and connect you to the server. Tap the F1 once again to close the console.

RUST in game

Note: To connect to a server using a PC, use the “client.connect localhost: 28015” command. 

Method #3: Join Rust Thru Steam's Servers Option

The last way to connect to Rust servers is through the Steam Client’s Server Viewer. This Steam Client’s component allows you to connect and interact with other servers through their IP address.

1. Open the Steam Client, and from the top menu, press the “View Tab.”
2. Press “Servers” to launch the Steam Server Viewer. 
3. Choose the “Favorites” tab and press the “Add Server” key.

4. Input the server’s address, either the web address or the IP address. 
5. Tap “Add this Server To Favorites,” then open Rust. 
6. On the main menu, tap “Play Game” to proceed.

join Rust Thru Steam's Servers Option

7. After that, choose the “Favourited” tab. 
8. Then, choose your desired Rust server from the server list and click “Join Server.”


How do I find my Rust server IP address?

You may find your Rust server IP address on the “Overview” tab under the control panel. Also, it will display in the “Favorites” tab under the “Servers” tab along with the right server name. 


It is very easy to join to a Rust server with an IP address. As long as you have the IP address or the server’s name, it only takes a minute or even seconds to connect. 

You can now connect to your desired Rust servers with the methods our resident gamers detailed above. So, join the multiplayer game, Rust, now and enjoy! 

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