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How to Join a CS:GO Server With an IP Address

CS:GO continues to be a popular game with many servers, which is the central part of the gameplay. You can choose from various community-created servers and official servers. 

But, whichever you opt between the two, you can join with an IP. So now, let’s make your access easy and learn how to join a CS:GO server with an IP address. 

Method #1: Identify Your Server IP

To join a CS:GO server, you must search for your server IP address. Follow the instructions below:

CS:GO server details
  1. In the control panel, log in your details. 
  2. Copy the digits you see in the “Server Address” tab. Do not forget to copy both the IP and the Port.

Method #2: Connect Thru Steam

If you want to connect thru Steam, here are the steps:

  1. Open your Steam Client and click “View,” then “Servers.”
  2. Scan through the “Favorites” option, and select “Add A Server.”
  3. Input your server address, then press the “Add This Address To Favorites” tab.
  4. From the list, choose your server and tap on “Connect.”
CS:GO on Steam

Additional Info: You can also input your “Server Password” if you set one, then tap “Connect.” You’re now connected to your CS:GO server. 

Method #3: Join Thru the In-Game Console

You can join the server by entering your IP address in the CS:GO console. To do so, you must enable the “Developer Console” first.

  1. Launch the console by pressing the tilde key (~). It is usually located on the keyboard’s left corner beside number 1. 
  2. Enter the “connect [server IP]” command or “connect [server IP]; password [server password]” if you set a password, then click “Enter” or “Submit.” You’re now connected to your CS:GO server.
CS:GO join server thru console

Method #4: Join Thru the Community Server List

If your server is already publicly visible, you can easily find it through the community search list. This method will allow you to connect with other people who are interested in learning more about your server.

  1. In the main menu, open CS:GO, and navigate to the “Community Server Browser.”
  2. Then, locate your server using the set “Tags.”
  3. After you search your server, choose your server and click “Connect.” 
  4. Now, you’ll be redirected to your CS:GO server.
CS:GO join thru community server browser

Additional Info: When you add a server to your favorites, it will automatically appear in the favorites section of the browser’s community server.

Usual Issues to Know

Server Doesn't Show on the List

Sometimes, the server will not appear after being added to your favorites in Steam. To fix this issue, ensure that the server has been properly added to your favorites.

Also, ensure that the “Community Server Browser” setting is changed.

Server Appears Blank or Offline on Steam

The leading cause of this issue is that the IP address entered in Steam is not correctly matched. 

CS:GO gameplay

This can be caused by the port section not being properly displayed. If the CS:GO server is already started, ensure that the IP address is correctly entered.

Stuck While Connecting to the Server

If the entered IP is not working properly, it means that the server is not online. Also, ensure the IP is being used from the server’s panel. If you’re having a hard time closing CS:GO, try pressing Alt+F4 to force the game to close.

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How can I join a CS: GO match on FACEIT?

To join a CS:GO match on FACEIT, you must go to the website and register using your email (or Facebook) and personal data. Choose CS:GO and connect your Steam account. 

Is it possible to host CS:GO on a Linux server?

Yes, you can host CS: GO on a Linux [1] server. CS:GO can only be played on your Linux PC through the Linux Steam app since it is only available on Steam. 


You can easily join a CS:GO server with an IP address in four easy ways. As long as you know your server IP, you can connect through Steam, the in-game console, and the Community Server List. 

Also, as a player, you need to be aware of the common issues of CS:GO and how to deal with them to have a smooth gaming experience. So, good luck with the match!

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