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How Tall is Scaramouche of Genshin Impact?

In the popular video game Genshin Impact, there is a character named Scaramouche. And many gamers have found themselves wondering how tall this particular character is. 

According to official sources, Scaramouche is 5’11” tall. However, some gamers believe that he may be shorter, based on the height of other characters in the game.

Who is Scaramouche in Genshin Impact?

Scaramouche, also known by his alias “Balladeer”, is the primary antagonist of the Unreconciled Stars Storyline. 

The Italian term “Scaramuccia” means “Little Skirmisher,” is the source of the French word “Scaramouche.” 

He is the sixth of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Being immortal, Scaramouche is a masculine human whose age is unknown. He stands 5’4″ (1.6 m) tall.

Scaramouche genshin impact

What is Scaramouche’s Appearance and Personality?

The event quest “The Crisis Deepens” features Scaramouche as an enigmatic character. He was characterized as being unpopular with a nasty demeanor. He also difficult to work with and unafraid to express his opinions. 

Most of the Harbingers in Genshin Impact don’t like him because of his traits. Like other Harbingers, he enjoys asserting his power over everyone and finds it offensive when someone challenges his authority. 

He was furious, for instance, when one of his subordinates put up a suggestion that defied his instructions. The game also says that Scaramouche has a slim build and a lovely face. 

scaramouche of genshin impact

His tiny stature, indigo hair that covers his ears, and indigo eyes with blood-red eyeliner give him a young appearance. He wears mostly black apparel, along with a headgear that has hooks on all four ends and two ornate decorations that dangle from two of those hooks. 

A transparent black veil with brown swirl patterns is attached to the rear of his hat. His whole appearance is comparable to traditional Japanese or Chinese clothing [1].

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