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How Old is Sayu from Genshin Impact?

Many gamers are wondering how old the Genshin Impact character Sayu is. Unfortunately, there is no official canon answer to this question. However, we can make some educated guesses based on her appearance and behavior. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the evidence and come up with an estimated age for Sayu. So read on if you’re curious about the Genshin Impact character Sayu’s age.

How Old is Sayu from Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact’s Sayu is a bit of a mystery. We know she’s from the Shuumatsuban and, at some point, fell under the control of Fatui. Sayu is a shorter-than-average human, with a small build. However, her age is unknown. She could be anywhere from 16 to 20 years old.

Sayu is a talented healer with the potential to compete with others like Barbara and Diona. However, Sayu has the ability to do so much more than just heal. With her elemental skill being a good way to access swirl reactions, Sayu naturally makes a great Anemo DPS. In addition, her elemental skill moves faster than a normal sprint, making her a good choice among exploration characters as well. 

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Sayu’s talents are incredibly versatile, making her a character that should not be underestimated in any situation.

Is Sayu a Human Genshin?

Sayu is a character in the online game Genshin Impact. Sayu is the only daughter of Sougen, who is a tanuki. However, Sayu’s body doesn’t exactly look like her father nor does she possess the same shape-shifting abilities. This caused other characters to think that Sayu is actually a human and not Sougen’s daughter. In reality, Sayu is a hybrid of both humans and Tanuki. 

Her unique appearance is the result of her father’s wish to have a child with a human woman. While Sayu may not look like your average human or tanuki, she is still a beloved member of her family and community. Thanks to her hybrid status, Sayu has the best of both worlds – she can enjoy the company of humans and tanuki alike. Whatever Sayu’s origins may be, there’s no doubt that she’s a special individual with a lot to offer.

Why Does Sayu Sleep So Much in Genshin Impact Online Game?

In Genshin Impact, Sayu is known for being an expert ninjutsu user and for sleeping a lot. While many people might think that these two things are unrelated, Sayu firmly believes that sleep is essential for her ninjutsu training [1]. According to her, sleep helps to replenish all the energy she expends during the day and also helps her to grow taller. As a result, she has honed her ninjutsu skills to perfection in order to have as much time for napping as possible. 

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While some people might find her sleeping habits lazy, Sayu is proof that there is power in dreams.

Why is Sayu So Short of Genshin Impact Character?

Sayu, one of the characters in Genshin Impact, is uncharacteristically short for a ninja. There are several possible explanations for this. One is that her height may be the result of a decline in her health. Sayu has mentioned before that she doesn’t like practicing ninjutsu, and it’s possible that her poor health is the reason why. Another possibility is that her height is simply due to genetics. 

Whether it’s a defect caused by an illness or just genetics, we really can’t be sure. Whatever the reason for Sayu’s height, it doesn’t seem to have affected her ability to perform as a ninja. She’s still just as skilled as any of her colleagues, and she’s even managed to find a place in Futui’s heart. Short or not, Sayu is a powerful ninja who should not be underestimated.

Is Sayu a Rare Genshin Impact Character?

The short answer is no. While her Elemental Skill isn’t the strongest in terms of base damage, it’s her mobility and relatively low cost that make her a valuable support character. Her main use is in afflicting Elemental status effects on enemies, which can then be exploited by other party members. For example, if she applies an Electro charge to an enemy, a character like Fischl can then follow up with her own Electrocharged shots for increased damage.

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While Sayu isn’t the rarest character in Genshin Impact, she is still a valuable member of any party. Her low cost and ability to apply status effects make her an essential support character. So if you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful support character, Sayu is certainly worth considering.


Sayu Genshin is a young girl who, despite her age and inexperience, has become one of the most powerful players in the game. She is of unknown age but is said to be quite young. Sayu is the only daughter of Sougen, who is a tanuki. 

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