disconnected from server on hood outlaws & legends Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Fixed: Disconnected from the Server on Hood: Outlaws & Legends

It can be annoying to see the message “Disconnected from the server” message on Hood: Outlaws & Legends in the middle of the game. To make it worse, you do not even know why this happened. 

To ease your worries, our resident gamers will explain why you may encounter this error and how you can resolve it.

Check Hood Outlaw's Twitter Updates for Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the major reasons they may unexpectedly kick you out of the server. However, this cannot be very pleasant, especially if the Hood: Outlaws & Legend’s team didn’t give you a heads-up about the scheduled maintenance. 

You can check always check their Twitter account or website to see the latest server status updates.

hood outlaws twitter

Fix #1: Use a Wi-Fi Connection or a Different Internet Connection

You must troubleshoot further if there are no updates to understand where the error lies. You can do this by using a Wi-Fi connection if you are on a wired connection. If that does not work, you may need to check the latency of your internet connection. 

If the network speed is not up to the minimum required specified by Microsoft, you may not access the server. You may need to use a different internet connection or optimize your network connection.

Fix #2: Restart Steam

If the first fix does not work, you may need to restart Steam. This will auto-refresh the game, fix all bugs, and start the game afresh. Most players reported that this method is effective. To launch steam, click on steam in the toolbar, then click on the Exit icon. To relaunch, double-click on the steam icon. 

Fix #3: Use a VPN

In some other situations, they might not accredit the Hood: Outlaws &Legends in your region. You can use a Virtual Proxy Network to access the game server [1]

Some popular options are NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

express vpn


If you run into the Hood: Outlaws & Legends error “Disconnected from the server” message unexpectedly, you can try the fixes we have shared in this guide. 

They are working and effective. However, if any of these fixes do not work, do not hesitate to get in touch with their support team.

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