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What is the Halo Infinite Weapon Offset? — Your Quick Guide

Halo Infinite is the sixth installment in the series and the fourth main entry. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is the game’s weapon offset. 

This new feature allows players to customize the way their weapons look and feel. They are able to change the physical appearance of their weapons, as well as modify their stats to create a custom weapon that is tailored to their individual playstyle. 

The weapon offset system also allows players to make use of different attachments and modifications, making it easier to create a well-rounded loadout to fit any situation. To know more about this feature, keep on reading!

What Is A Weapon Offset?

The weapon offset system is an important part of Halo Infinite’s gunplay, as it helps to create a more fair and balanced experience for players. 

This system also allows for a more varied and exciting experience, as players can now use different weapons at different ranges and the weapons will perform differently depending on the distance.  It has three main settings:

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Horizontal Offset

Horizontal offset is a game mechanic which allows players to adjust the horizontal angle of their weapons. This allows players to shoot more accurately at longer distances. 

This mechanic is especially useful for players who want to snipe or engage in long-range combat. With the addition of the horizontal offset mechanic, Halo Infinite is set to become one of the most realistic and immersive first-person shooter games.

Vertical Offset

A vertical offset is an adjustment to the gun stats that is based on the vertical distance between the shooter and the target. This feature will help to make sure that weapons are balanced and fair, so that no one weapon is too overpowered. 

The vertical offset system will also make the game more interesting, as players can use different weapons at different distances.

Weapon offset option location

Depth Offset

A depth offset in Halo Infinite is a graphical feature used to give a 3D effect to 2D objects. It works by shifting the depth of an object away from or towards the camera, creating a more lifelike, 3D effect. 

This can be used to make objects look more realistic, and to give the impression of distance and height in the game.

How to Change the Weapon Offset?

First, you’ll have to navigate in the game’s settings menu. From there, you’ll find a variety of sliders that allow you to change the placement of your weapon along a variety of axes within that section. 

Open the Settings Menu, select “UI,” scroll down and select “Weapon Offsets,” it will give you the drop down menu to pick which weapon form to alter, and then you can use the settings to modify the depth, horizontal, and vertical settings. 

You can find it by opening the “Settings” menu, selecting “UI,” scrolling down and selecting “Weapon Offsets.”

Recommended Weapon Offset Settings


Overall, weapon offset in Halo Infinite is an incredibly valuable feature that can help players become better at the game. It allows for more precise aiming, better control of recoil, and more efficient use of ammunition. 

The ability to customize the weapons with different offsets gives players the freedom to experiment and find the best offsets for their play style. Overall, it is an essential part of the Halo experience and an innovative addition to Halo Infinite.

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