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Halo Infinite Tutorial Achievements: How To Get It?

Halo Infinite has finally arrived, and players are eagerly diving into the game’s campaign and multiplayer modes. However, there are some hidden achievements in the tutorial section that players may overlook in their rush to jump into the action. 

These achievements, “Make A Little More Noise” and “Greased Lightning,” may seem like minor tasks, but they are still worth pursuing completionists and achievement hunters. 

In this article, we will guide you through the steps needed to unlock both of these easily missed achievements in Halo Infinite’s tutorial section. So, let’s jump in and see how we can make some noise and blaze through the obstacle course with ease.

Don’t Miss Out on Playing Multiplayer Tutorials For Easy Achievements

To celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary, Microsoft added 76 games to backward compatibility and launched Halo Infinite’s multiplayer earlier than expected. 

However, players should not overlook the tutorial section, as it offers valuable benefits such as unlocking four easy achievements, a story primer, and improving gameplay for multiplayer matches. 

halo infinite multiplayer

The list of all Halo Infinite achievements contains 119 feats worth 1,600 gamerscore, including some challenging multiplayer tasks. 

Despite its delay from November 2020, Halo Infinite has made a strong comeback [1] and provides an enjoyable gaming experience for fans of the franchise.

Greased Lightning Achievement

To unlock the “Greased Lightning” achievement in Halo Infinite’s tutorial, start by going through the obstacle course once to get familiar with the track. Then, backtrack to the start of the course by making a wall jump and jumping over a gate. 

Restart the course by redeploying your AI, and when the door opens, start running and immediately jump over the railing. 

Run across the yard, vault over the opposite railing, and go down the trap door. Continue running until you reach the bigger courtyard to complete the course and unlock the achievement.

halo infinite Greased Lightning Achievement

Next Steps After Getting Into The Boxes

As you near the entrance to the second courtyard in Halo Infinite’s tutorial, you’ll come across a pair of boxes. Jump onto the left box, turn around, and look up to spot a small corner next to the railing above you. 

Vault onto this corner to skip a section of the course and save around 10 seconds. Continue running towards the last flight of stairs, jump over the railing, and slide into the doorway to complete the course and unlock the “Greased Lightning” achievement. 

If you don’t make it on your first try, simply return to the start and try again until you achieve the required time. This achievement is a great way to show off your speed and agility, so don’t hesitate to give it a try.

“Make a Little More Noise” — Grabbing a Power Weapon From the Tutorial Army: How to Do it Successfully

Once you finish the obstacle course and enter the armory in Halo Infinite’s tutorial, grab the Assault Rifle from the weapon rack and proceed to the firing range. 

After completing the gun and grenade tutorial, turn back into the previous room and grab a sniper rifle from one of the now unlocked weapon racks. 


This will reward you with the “Make A Little More Noise” achievement for learning how to grab a powerful weapon from the tutorial armory. 

As Halo Infinite continues to evolve with new seasons, we may see more achievements like these, and the tutorial area could potentially become an optional hub for Fireteams.


Moreover, this guide provides easy-to-follow steps to help you unlock these achievements and show off your skills in the game. Don’t miss out on these easily missed challenges, and take on the tutorial section to become a true Halo Infinite master. 

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