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Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite — All You Need To Know

The Stalker Rifle is a new addition to the Halo franchise and is featured in the game Halo Infinite. This powerful and deadly weapon is a long-range, precision rifle that can quickly take down enemies from a distance. With its sleek design and unique features, the Stalker Rifle is a game-changer for players who want to dominate the battlefield. 

Whether you’re playing as a Spartan or a member of the Banished, the Stalker Rifle is a must-have for any serious Halo Infinite player. In this article, we will explore the key features and advantages of the Stalker Rifle and discuss how it fits into the overall gameplay of Halo Infinite.

Weapon Details

The Stalker Rifle is a lightweight weapon suitable for both “No Scope” kills and long-range shots with two different zoom options. However, it can overheat like other energy or plasma-based weapons, and users should keep an eye on the bar under the crosshair and recharge before it becomes full to avoid a three-second delay in usability.

One of the unique features of the Stalker Rifle is its ability to track enemies through walls and obstacles. This makes it an excellent choice for players who want to take a more tactical approach to the game and eliminate enemies without being detected.

The Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer has some advantages such as a plasma-based mechanism, fast fire rate, and a good stability that eliminates enemy shields quickly. 

Stalker Rifle up close

However, it is not a strong weapon and is not considered one of the best due to its weak power. It does not belong to either the kinetic or shock weapon categories, which are more effective against different types of enemies.

Weapon Tips

Here are some tips to help players get the most out of the Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite:

Use the Stalker Rifle for long-range engagements: This weapon is most effective at long ranges, where its accuracy and range come into play. Use it to pick off enemies from a distance and take advantage of its scope to land precise shots.

Activate the targeting system: Its targeting system can be a valuable tool in identifying and tracking enemy positions. Use it to gain an advantage in battles and take down enemies before they can react.

Take cover when reloading: It has a slow rate of fire and a small magazine size, so make sure to take cover when reloading to avoid getting caught off guard.

Use the energy shield: The Stalker Rifle’s energy shield can absorb incoming damage, making it a valuable asset in battles. Activate it when aiming down the scope to provide additional protection and take out enemies more easily.

Where Can It Be Found?

In the campaign mode, players can acquire the Stalker Rifle by finding it on the battlefield or by picking it up from defeated enemies. It can also be obtained by purchasing it from weapon pods found throughout the game’s open world environment.

The Stalker Rifle can be discovered within Weapon Rackets located on maps such as Highpower, Launch Site, and Descent.

The Rifle is overheating at 7 shots

How To Get A Kill?

To secure a kill with the Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite, players must aim for the enemy’s head as the weapon is most effective in precise shots. Players should utilize the built-in scope and targeting system to gain an advantage in battles and track enemies through walls and obstacles. 

The rifle is best used at a safe distance to allow players more time to aim, but should seek cover when reloading as it has a slow firing rate and small magazine size. Ultimately, a player’s skill and the situational factors in the game will determine their success with the Stalker Rifle in Halo Infinite.

Stalker Rifle's Monitor POV


In conclusion, the Stalker Rifle is a powerful and versatile weapon in Halo Infinite, featuring unique targeting capabilities and a built-in energy shield that provides additional protection to players. 

It is a valuable addition to the game’s arsenal, allowing players to take down enemies from a distance and take a more tactical approach to your gameplay [1].

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