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Halo Infinite: The Mythic Medal Ultimate Guide

The Medal system is a crucial aspect of the Halo Infinite Multiplayer experience, with Jeff Steitzer, the renowned Halo announcer, constantly announcing players’ achievements throughout the game. 

Halo Infinite features a wide range of classic and new Medals, such as Double Kill, Killing Spree, Harpoon, and Off the Rack, earned for various actions during gameplay. In this article, we will break down every Mythic Medal that players can earn in the game to keep you motivated.

Every Mythic Medal in Halo Infinite

Mythic Medals are the most challenging to earn, and there are a total of 18 of them to unlock. While some are awarded for getting multi-kills and killing sprees, others require a unique set of skills or conditions to be met. Here are the following:

Running Riot – Killing Spree: Eliminate 15 enemies without getting killed.

Rampage – Killing Spree: Eliminate 20 enemies without getting killed.

Nightmare – Killing Spree: Eliminate 25 enemies without getting killed.

Boogeyman – Killing Spree: Eliminate 30 enemies without getting killed.

Thrown grenade at enemy gameplay

Grim Reaper – Killing Spree: Eliminate 35 enemies without getting killed.

Demon – Killing Spree: Eliminate 40 enemies without getting killed.


Perfection – Mode: Secure victory in a game with 15 or more kills and zero deaths.


Overkill – Multikill: Take down 4 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Killtacular – Multikill: Take down 5 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Killtrocity – Multikill: Take down 6 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Killamanjaro – Multikill: Take down 7 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Killtastrophe – Multikill: Take down 8 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Killpocalypse – Multikill: Take down 9 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Killionaire – Multikill: Take down 10 enemies rapidly or in swift succession.

Ninja – Skill: Defeat an enemy by performing a jump over them and striking them from behind with a melee attack.

Ninja attack at my enemy

Quigley – Skill: Eliminate two or more enemies by firing a single round from the S7 Sniper rifle.

Remote Detonation – Skill: Defeat an enemy by shooting a grenade.

Fastball – Style: Eliminate an enemy by causing them fatal damage with the impact of a grenade thrown at them.

Achieving Slaying With Style in Halo Infinite requires players to earn at least one Mythic Medal in a matchmade game, which can be quite difficult in traditional PvP modes. However, players have found a way to make this task easier by playing in the Bot Bootcamp mode, which allows them to complete their Weekly Challenges and earn Mythic Medals against a team of bots.

While some Mythic Medals, such as Double Kill or Killing Spree, can be obtained by skilled players in normal PvP modes, others like Quigley, Remote Detonation, and Fastball Medals require specific circumstances and can be more challenging to obtain. 

To earn the Quigley medal, players must take out two or more enemies with a single shot from the S7 Sniper Rifle. This is a difficult feat that requires a high level of precision and strategic planning, and is a coveted achievement among Halo players.

Quigley medal obtained

Moreover, playing against real opponents adds another level of unpredictability, making it harder to plan and execute moves that will lead to Mythic Medal wins. Therefore, players should be prepared to face unpredictable situations and adapt their gameplay accordingly. 

While the Bot Bootcamp mode provides an easier path towards obtaining Mythic Medals, players who want to earn these Medals in traditional PvP modes should be ready to face challenges and be prepared to think creatively and adapt to the ever-changing game conditions.


Earning Mythic Medals in Halo Infinite is no easy feat, as they require a high level of skill, strategy, and luck. While some of these Medals can be obtained through consistent gameplay, others require specific circumstances or rare feats that can be difficult to achieve in traditional PvP [1] modes. 

The unpredictability of playing against real opponents adds another layer of complexity, making it harder to plan and execute moves that will lead to Mythic Medal wins.

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