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Halo Infinite Melee Lunge — A Player’s Guide

The melee lunge system is one of the key gameplay mechanics discussed among players. In previous Halo games, melee attacks had a limited range.

Still, in Halo Infinite, the melee lunge allows players to close the gap quickly and land a devastating melee attack from a distance.

While some players are excited about this new feature and its potential for strategic gameplay, others are concerned about its potential to disrupt the game’s balance.

About Melee Lunge

Lunging is a widely-used melee maneuver that can catch your opponents off guard and cause confusion. 

To execute a lunge, players must jump forward while simultaneously pressing the melee button, unleashing a forceful melee strike capable of swiftly defeating an adversary.

Enemy lunges towards me

Halo Infinite’s Energy Sword now has a slide feature to expand its lunge range. Slide canceling is a useful technique for catching opponents off guard, but it requires practice. 

The Grappleshot can be used for quick movement and to increase speed, but the Repulsor is counter to the sword lunge.

How Does Melee Work?

Players can execute a melee attack by pressing a designated button or key on their controller or keyboard. The attack typically inflicts a set amount of damage to the opponent’s health or shield, which can be reduced through successful hits on the attacking player. 

The effectiveness of the melee attack may also depend on the weapon or character used, with some weapons having more powerful melee capabilities than others. 

Successful melee attacks can be a quick and effective way to take down an opponent [1], especially in situations where ranged attacks are not possible or practical.

Is It Possible To Melee in Halo Infinite?

Melee combat is a fundamental gameplay mechanic in Halo Infinite. Players can engage in close-quarters combat using their fists or melee weapons, such as the Gravity Hammer and Energy Sword. 

The melee system has been expanded in Halo Infinite, featuring new mechanics such as the ability to perform a lunge attack, counter melee attacks, and execute finishing moves on weakened enemies. 

The Bulldog Shotgun is one of the most effective melee combo weapons in Halo Infinite, requiring one backstab or two melee hits to defeat a fully healed enemy. Weapons with blades, like the Energy Sword, also deal high damage. 

If an enemy’s shield is glowing brighter than usual, they are likely in critical condition. To avoid interrupting aim, controller users can press the melee button. Melee weapons are more accessible in Halo Infinite and can pack a more powerful punch than expected.

How Powerful Are Melee Weapons

Melee combat in Halo Infinite is a potent tool that can swiftly dispatch enemies, inflicting 40% damage to their health. Furthermore, players can utilize the lunge attack, which enables rapid movement across the map.

Halo Infinite’s melee system features the ability to perform a lunge attack, allowing players to move swiftly across the map. While this new mechanic is unique to the Halo series, not all players may enjoy this change to the traditional melee system.

How To Lunge With Energy Sword?

Players must sprint toward their target and press the melee button while in range to execute a lunge attack with the Energy Sword in Halo Infinite. 

This will cause the player’s Spartan to quickly move toward the opponent and deliver a powerful strike with the sword. Aiming accurately and timing the lunge attack correctly is essential to maximize its effectiveness.

The Zanpakuto is a sword that combines traditional and modern techniques, inspired by a legendary swordsman from the Bleach anime and manga. It has a capacity of ten rounds and a range of up to 150 meters, making it an accurate weapon from any position. 

The Zanpakuto uses a magnetic field generator and a small battery to power the plasma blade, setting it apart from other swords that require a physical connection to the user.

Charging my enemy from above with my energy sword

Its fast charging time, long-range, and practicality make it an excellent choice for novice and experienced users. However, it’s essential to note that each successful strike drains the battery’s energy tenfold.

Various Melee Options in Halo Infinite

In Halo, players can perform a lunge attack by pressing the melee button, quickly closing the gap, and striking an enemy from a distance. When aiming at a target, if the reticle turns into a red circle, players can use RT to aim and hit the target with a lunge attack. 

The Bloodblade is a powerful energy sword used by special operations Sangheili, like the Silent Shadow, featuring a distinctive red color. 

Similar to Minecraft’s system, player collision allows players to stand inside each other, although it may not be as smooth as desired. Moving at high speed allows players to move past each other. 

The Duelist Energy Sword provides a buffed-up effect, enhancing players’ movement speed and extending their lunge range. Choosing the right melee weapon is crucial for players’ playstyles and essential when needed.

Face to face with my duelist energy sword

Sword Lunge

The sword lunge is a powerful melee attack in Halo Infinite that can be executed with the Energy Sword. To perform a sword lunge, players need to sprint toward their target and then press the melee button while in range. 

This will cause the player’s Spartan to quickly close the gap and strike the opponent with the sword. The sword lunge can be an effective technique for catching opponents off guard and taking them down quickly. 

However, it is important to note that the lunge attack leaves the player vulnerable to counter-attacks if they miss or fail to eliminate their target with the initial strike. 

It’s also worth noting that the sword lunge is not limited to the Energy Sword, as some other weapons, such as the Gravity Hammer, also have their unique lunge attacks in Halo Infinite.

Wrapping Up

The lunge attack is not always the best option in every situation, as it requires the player to be near their opponent, making it riskier than ranged attacks. Overall, the melee lunge is a useful tool in a player’s arsenal, but it must be used judiciously and strategically to be effective.

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