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Halo Infinite Complete List of Enemies

As with previous games in the series, players can expect to face a wide range of enemies as they explore the vast open-world environment in Halo Infinite. The enemies in the game are a diverse group. 

Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses, making for challenging and dynamic gameplay. Whether players are facing off against hordes of small enemies or taking on powerful bosses, Halo Infinite promises to deliver intense and thrilling combat encounters.

Halo Infinite: Every Enemy Type

Halo Infinite features both new and classic enemies. Players may also encounter semi-bosses out in the open-world environment who carry unique weapons. Some enemies are more dangerous than others, especially on higher difficulty levels. 

Players will need to use their skills and strategy to defeat these enemies and progress through the game. A guide can provide an overview of the different types of enemies and their potential rewards.

HI Enemy attack


They are small, squat, and green in appearance, and they typically wear light armor and carry plasma pistols or plasma grenades. Grunts can be taken out fairly easily with headshots or melee attacks, but they can also swarm players in large numbers, making them a significant threat. They come in different ranks:

Grunt Minors

Grunt Minors—Halo’s most common grunt—are easy to defeat. These grunts use plasma pistols and grenades. Overpowered, they may retreat or commit suicide by igniting two Plasma Grenades and charging the player.  

A larger Covenant soldier may throw a Grunt Minor toward the player, creating a comical yet terrifying encounter. Despite their humorous character, Grunt Minors in big numbers can dominate players if not handled quickly.

Grunt Majors

These Grunts have a slightly higher health pool compared to the standard Grunts, making them slightly tougher to take down. Additionally, they are more likely to be packed with Needlers not Plasma Pistols, which can make them more dangerous at medium to close range. Despite these differences, players should still be able to defeat them with well-placed headshots or melee attacks.

HI Grunt Major 2A

Grunt Ultra

The Grunts don silver armor with shields that offer better protection, and they wield standard weapons. As a result of their sturdier armor, these Grunts can sustain more damage before being defeated.

Grunt Disruptor

Red-armored Grunts use the Disruptor, an electroshock weapon that disables vehicles with EMP and deals significant damage when the enemy’s shields are off. These Grunts are also slightly healthier.

Grunt Mule

These distinctive Grunts possess a pair of randomly selected power weapons attached to their backs, which can be utilized by nearby Elites and Brutes in battle. This makes them effective as a movable source of replenishment.

HI Grunt Ultra


Our next type of enemy is the Jackal. These are slender, tall extraterrestrial beings who rely on their personal energy shields to repel incoming attacks. 

It is possible to lower their shields by unleashing enough firepower, but caution must be exercised, as they are known to attempt flanking maneuvers when the opportunity arises. The type of weapon wielded by the Jackal varies based on their subtype, with many equipped with a plasma pistol and their energy shield.

Jackal Major

The Jackal Major is a variant of the regular Jackal, distinguished by its red armor and orange energy shield. It boasts greater endurance and a sturdier shield, making it a tougher adversary to defeat. These enemies tend to favor the use of Needlers as their primary weapon, and some may even carry Manglers, significantly increasing their threat level in battle.

Jackal Sniper

The Jackal Sniper is a particularly fearsome subtype of Jackal. Unlike their counterparts, they do not have a protective energy shield but compensate with their lethal Stalker Rifles. When encountered alone, they can prove to be a bothersome challenge. However, when operating in teams, they become a grave threat that demands immediate attention.

HI Jackal Minor


Elites are still common in the Banished. Blue armored warriors use the Pulse Carbine and energy shields to fight. They occasionally use Ravagers or Heatwaves. Elites taken off unaware have their shields down, allowing for a headshot kill before they can respond. Elites are faster and more defensive than Brutes, but weaker.

Elite Warmaster

They usually utilize Sentinel Beams, Heatwaves, and Energy Swords, and they’re outfitted in golden armor and equipped with the most shields and health of any Elite. These Elites are the deadliest you’ll find in battle.

Elite Major

They are much more clever than your average Elite and will frequently cover. These elite soldiers are differentiated by their red armor, greater shields, and increased health.

Elite Ultra

Elite Ultras are equipped with additional shields and health, and sport silver armor. They prefer to employ Heatwaves, but they always have an Energy Sword on them in case you go too near.

Spec Ops Elite

Their Energy Sword strikes are unique lunges, and they share the identical protection and health as an Elite Major. A subset of the Elite that relies on energy swords and active camouflage.

HI Spec ops Elite


Hunters, Halo Infinite’s most dangerous enemies, are huge extraterrestrial creatures. Hunters are more dangerous than most other foes despite their low ranks. A massive shield protects these behemoths from most projectiles. Rocket Launchers and Grenades are suggested for defeating these monsters.


The Brutes, a tall and aggressive ape-like species known as Jiralhanae, have been a consistent enemy in the Halo series since their introduction in Halo 3. In Halo Infinite, they are the primary adversary, led by Escharum in the Banished forces. 

Brutes are equipped with various weapons and armor, with higher-ranking Brutes carrying more powerful weapons and some opting for increased speed and strength over heavier armor.

Brute Major

They’re most probable to attack the player using human weaponry like the Bulldog, Commando, or Battle Rifle. These Brutes have minimal protection and more health than typical Brutes.

Brute Captain

They are equipped with jetpacks that enable them to gain a tactical advantage by maneuvering to fire from different angles. They commonly wield powerful weapons like Bulldogs, Hydras, and Ravagers.

HI Brute CHieftain Ultra

Brute Chieftain

These brutes are considered the most dangerous and are those equipped with thick armor and possess an immense amount of health. Additionally, they are often armed with powerful heavy weapons such as the Scrap Cannon, Plasma Cannon, or Gravity Hammer.

Brute Sniper

Bright red circles on their helmet are known to have light shielding and prefer to engage their targets from a distance using the Skewer and Shock Rifle. These Brutes are especially skilled at taking down vehicles and pose a significant threat to the player.

Brute Berzerker

Berzerkers are faster than other Brutes. The Brute Berzerker is a massively armored melee-only adversary, charging at the player at high speed to kill them.

Rocket Brute

They are equipped with golden armor and shields, with only the SPNKr rocket launcher. They stoop before releasing the launcher, letting the player hide.


HI Brute Captain Minor

Skimmers, strange flying creatures, glide across the battlefield with astonishing agility. Jetpacks help these monsters fly in groups on the battlefield. Skimmers can launch a volley of projectiles that can overwhelm the player, despite their limited health and shields.


The airborne Forerunner constructions neutralize threats to Zeta Halo. This does include Master Chief. Monitors and other advanced Forerunner beings can control these creations. Sentinel Beams quickly destroy health and shields, making constructions deadly.


Tremonius, a Brute Captain keen to gain glory and acclaim by tracking down Master Chief, stands out from other Captains due to his formidable energy shield that provides exceptional protection.

HI Tremonius


Expect to face one of the most savage Brutes in combat. Halo Infinite’s Bassus is a formidable Brute Chieftain, determined to thwart Master Chief’s interference in the Banished Zeta Halo schemes.

Adjutant Resolution

A Forerunner Monitor with a Sentinel-shaped mech who fights Master Chief to protect Zeta Halo.

Chak’ Lok

The Elite Warmaster is a shrewd and inquisitive fighter who aims not only to eliminate Master Chief but also to learn his combat strategies firsthand, in order to comprehend his prior successes.

HI Hyperius and Tovarus

Tovarus and Hyperius

Master Chief fights the Banished on Zeta Halo with “Spartan Killers” Tovarus and Hyperius. Hyperius uses a gold-painted, improved Brute Chopper, while Tovarus uses a Scrap Cannon.


Escharum is the Banished second-in-command and commander-in-chief of Zeta Halo. His tactical skills defeated the UNSC soldiers in the ring. Escharum wants to defeat Master Chief despite his age.

The Harbinger

Escharum claims the mysterious Harbinger has allied with the Banished to achieve their goal. The Harbinger speaks and has feminine traits.

Jega 'Rdomnai

The Banished forces on Zeta Halo’s third Spartan Killer is an Elite Blademaster and Hand of Atriox member Jega ‘Rdomnai. As Escharum’s loyal confidant and second-in-command, he works with the Banished commander to track Master Chief and fight him, as shown in concept art.


High-value targets in Halo Infinite are often harder to kill and carry unique weapons that may be added to the player’s armory. High-value targets also tend to have greater health. Players should expect to face unique iterations of each enemy type as the campaign progresses. 

This calls for careful strategic planning and preparation for each confrontation, as going into a fight without adequate preparation is likely to result in a lost gameplay [1]. Players can anticipate this happening as the campaign progresses.

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