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Halo Infinite Cindershot — Tips and Tricks

The Cindershot is a powerful and versatile grenade launcher featured in the game Halo Infinite. It is a shoulder-mounted weapon that fires powerful incendiary rounds. The rounds cause an intense explosion on impact, dealing immense damage to enemies and objects in the vicinity. 

The weapon also comes with a scope, allowing users to aim more precisely at their targets. Its robust design and accuracy make it a great choice for taking out large groups of enemies. 

The weapon is also well-suited for use in close-quarters combat, as the rounds can be used to flush out enemies from tight spaces. The Halo Infinite Cindershot sure is a favorite among players, but how do you best use it? Here’s what our gamers are here to discuss!

Tips On Using Cindershot

Bank Around The Corners

This particular weapon in Halo Infinite excels at ricocheting off walls and other surfaces in order to catch fleeing players around corners. Use this ability to eliminate unseen opponents. 

This technique can also be utilized to start a fight. Continue bouncing explosives against the wall before charging in to destroy them.

Bank Around The Corners halo cindershot

Cancel Your Reload

This one is a simple yet crucial tip: It is general knowledge that you can pause or stop a reload any time during the game. You can resume firing if you have only used additional rounds in your clip, through purshing the fire button. This is an outstanding for intense firefighting.

Utilize Alt-Fire Mode

Utilizing alt-fire mode to track down opponents is an excellent strategy. You can only control the trajectory [1] in this mode, and it will continue to progress forward. There isn’t any way to return to your target if you go beyond it.

Recommended Maps To Use Cindershot


The Cindershot is easily located on the Streets map of Halo: Infinite. It is located in the middle of the map. Both teams are required to compete. This weapon is risky since streets like Bazaar contain numerous small, enclosed spaces, making it hazardous to use.

The side arcade where Objective B is typically found is a fantastic site. This area will be contested by the majority of players, so don’t be afraid to toss a few grenades in.

Streets map halo cindershot


Usually, in the same location where you can spot the Rocket Launcher, it’s the same spot where you can launch your Cindershot – on the ledge overlooking the central region. 

This is a very detailed map of Cindershot. There are numerous little rooms in Bazaar that make it easy to murder players trying to hide.

Due to its moderate blast radius, it is almost probable that you will strike a player hiding within these chambers. People can be discovered hiding in the corner rooms near the Overshield and the bar area that leads to their spawn via catwalk.


The Cindershot is truly a powerful weapon in the game Halo Infinite, and can be used effectively with the right strategy. Its fire rate and range make it a great choice for mid to long range combat, while its splash damage makes it useful for taking out multiple enemies quickly. 

When using the Cindershot, it’s important to make sure you have a good line of sight and to keep moving to avoid getting hit. With some practice, you can become a  master of the Cindershot in Halo Infinite and dominate the battlefield!

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