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Bring Sheila Home Safely: Halo Infinite Achievement Unlocked

For those who may not be familiar, Sheila is the nickname given to the Warthog’s mounted machine gun in the Halo franchise. This achievement requires players to complete a specific mission without destroying Sheila or letting her take any damage. 

It has become a highly sought-after achievement for fans of the series, as it adds an extra layer of challenge to the game. Here are more details about it.

Mission Details

This achievement in Halo Infinite can only be unlocked within Mission 13, “The Road.” This mission takes place in a desert environment and involves escorting a Warthog, which has Sheila mounted on top of it, through a series of enemy-infested areas. 

To unlock the achievement, players must ensure that Sheila is not destroyed or take any damage throughout the entire mission.

In this mission, a tank is provided to players as they approach the house at the end of the long stretch of road. This tank can help players overcome any remaining enemies and obstacles as they push toward the house where the mission objective is. 

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It is even more challenging than previously thought, as players must make it to the house with the tank fully intact while avoiding highly damaging vehicles like Wraiths and Dropships. However, there’s no need to worry as there are several ways that players can approach this achievement. 

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Mission Rewards

Halo Infinite will reward players with 10 Gamerscore [1], making it a coveted achievement among Halo fans. 

This Gamerscore reward is an important aspect of the achievement system in Halo Infinite. It adds an extra layer of motivation for players to complete challenging objectives, such as keeping Sheila and the tank safe throughout Mission 13.

Achievement Origins

The “Bring Sheila Home Safely” achievement in Halo Infinite is a tribute to the classic Halo web series Red vs Blue, where a tank named Sheila was introduced in Episode 3 of the first season. 

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The tank quickly became a fan favorite due to its distinct personality and continued to be a part of the series through multiple seasons. 

The achievement’s name is a nod to the iconic character of Sheila and its legacy within the Halo community. This shows how video games and other forms of media can pay homage to each other, creating a shared universe of references and connections that enhance the overall experience for fans.

Moreover, this achievement is not the only nod to the classic Halo web series in the game. When players call in a tank from a Forward Operating Base (FOB) location in Halo Infinite, the AI occasionally refers to the tank as Sheila, referencing the iconic character from Red vs Blue.

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Wrapping Up

Achievement in Halo Infinite ultimately depends on your personal gaming goals and preferences. If you enjoy the challenge of completing difficult achievements and want to earn all of the achievements in the game, then this achievement may be worth pursuing. 

However, if you don’t enjoy the challenge of difficult achievements or if you don’t find the “Bring Sheila Home Safely” achievement particularly interesting, then there’s no need to feel obligated to complete it.

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