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Halo Infinite Battle Rifle — How To Use It?

Halo Infinite, the latest installment in the popular Halo franchise, features a wide variety of weapons for players to use in their quest to defeat the enemy forces. One such weapon is the battle rifle, a fan-favorite weapon that has been a staple of the series since its inception. 

The battle rifle is a versatile and powerful weapon that can be used in a variety of situations, from long-range sniping to close-quarters combat. In this guide, we will explore the battle rifle in Halo Infinite, examining its strengths and weaknesses and providing tips on how to use it effectively in the game. 

So let’s dive in and explore the power of the battle rifle in Halo Infinite.

Weapon Overview

The Battle Rifle is a popular weapon among the UNSC and Spartans, firing in a 3-round burst with a 36-round clip. It is effective against unshielded enemies, taking 4 bursts to kill in multiplayer. It lacks unique features or alternate firing modes, making it simple to use but predictable in combat.

The Battle Rifle

Most Recommended Maps To Use With Battle Rifle

The Battle Rifle, also known as the BR75, is a powerful and versatile weapon in Halo Infinite that can perform well on any map. Its accuracy, stability, and damage make it an all-around weapon that is effective for trading fire at any distance. 

However, the BR75 can be outmatched by long-range weapons such as the sniper and shock rifle. When playing on Big Team Battle maps, it is essential to be aware of enemy players with sniper and shock rifles and try to engage them on one side of the map to avoid missing shots at long distances.

Moreover, in small corridors, the BR75 can be beaten out by powerful close-range weapons such as the Bulldog shotgun and the Gravity Hammer. In such situations, players should be cautious and avoid direct confrontation in tight spaces, as these weapons can take down opponents with a single shot.


The Battle Rifle is particularly effective on 4v4 maps, but players should still be vigilant of narrow corridors and open areas while using the weapon. 

For example, on Streets maps, there are two narrow sections that can catch players in the open, while Live Fire offers both large open areas and a small narrow corridor in the middle. Hence, it is essential to consider the map’s layout and determine the best location and situation to use the Battle Rifle effectively.

Finally, mastering the BR75 may take some time, especially for new or returning players. Learning techniques such as strafing and avoiding headshots while the enemy’s shield is up can significantly improve the player’s accuracy and survival in combat. With practice, players can develop their skills and become more proficient in using this all-around weapon.

Tips And Tricks

Although the Battle Rifle is a good weapon, mastering it can take some time for new players. Experienced Halo players may be familiar with its mechanics, but those who are new or returning to the game may need some tips to improve their skills. 

Learning techniques like strafing and avoiding headshots while the enemy’s shield is up can be helpful. Therefore, let’s explore some tips that can assist you in becoming better with this versatile weapon:

1. Focus on body shots.

In most shooting games, players typically aim for headshots as it is a quick way to eliminate enemies. However, in Halo Infinite with the Battle Rifle, targeting the body is more effective. This is because headshots do not deal any extra damage while the enemy’s shield is active, which makes them less useful in taking down the opponent.

Body shots with BR75

For fully shielded enemies, it is advised to aim for the body with the first three bursts. Body shots are easier to hit, and they can effectively deplete an enemy’s shield. Once the shield is gone, players can aim for the head to take down the enemy quickly.

Aiming for the body also helps in reducing the risk of missed shots, especially when fighting from longer distances, where headshots can be challenging to land. Nevertheless, players should still practice headshots to improve their accuracy and quickly eliminate enemies once their shields are down.

2. Take advantage of the scope.

This weapon is equipped with a scope that can help players increase their accuracy and take down enemies from a distance. Using the scope allows players to zoom in on their targets and get a clear shot, making it easier to hit their opponents. This feature is especially useful when engaging enemies from afar or when facing snipers.

However, players must be cautious when using the scope as it also makes them highly visible to other players. The scope produces a lens flare or glint that is easily visible to opponents, which can give away the player’s position and make them vulnerable to counterattacks. 

As such, it is advisable to use the scope only when necessary and be aware of the surroundings to avoid being spotted by enemies.

Aim at the body with a BR75

3. Strafing

Players can use strafing as an alternative way of aiming with the Battle Rifle. Strafing is the act of side-stepping left or right or in any other direction. While the traditional way of aiming with the right stick or mouse on PC is still effective, strafing can be useful in situations where you and your opponent are on equal ground.

When strafing, players can leave their crosshair static and use their movement to aim by moving with their opponent. This technique can be particularly effective when engaging enemies at medium to close range. Additionally, Halo Infinite has limited aim assist to support the player’s tracking while moving, making strafing even more effective.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the Halo franchise or a newcomer to the series, this guide will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to wield the battle rifle with deadly precision and take down your enemies in style.

Moreover, knowing how to use the Battle Rifle effectively in Halo Infinite can be a game-changer in combat. Players should understand its strengths and weaknesses and adjust their gameplay [1] accordingly. By mastering these techniques and understanding the mechanics of the Battle Rifle, players can become formidable opponents in Halo Infinite multiplayer matches.

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