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How to Defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite — Your Quick Guide

In addition to Halo Infinite’s extensive open environment, fantastic narrative, and tense action-packed shooting sequences, it features a plethora of hard encounters with bosses. One of them is the boss that players face off against at the end of the Excavation Site task. He is known as Bassus. 

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can quickly and simply defeat Bassus. If you’re interested, keep on reading. 

How To Defeat Bassus

In Halo Infinite, players will need to be ready for Bassus’s immediate assault on Master Chief as soon as the confrontation with Bassus begins. 

When playing on higher difficulty settings, where even one hit can be fatal, Bassus can easily beat the player with just a few blows from his strong Gravity Hammer. This is especially true on higher difficulty settings when even one hit can be fatal. 

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In order for players to prevail in this boss fight, they will need to make use of the Grappleshot to propel Master Chief throughout the arena while simultaneously employing long-range attacks to deal damage to Bassus.

Players should do everything in their can to escape Bassus’ tremendous melee assaults, and they should strike him as often as possible in order to bring down his shields. It will be difficult for players to make progress in the battle if it has been too long since Bassus has been struck and his shields have had time to regenerate. 

Players should make it their goal to shoot him frequently, even if it’s simply to make a dent in his defenses so that they can keep his shields down. In addition, players have the option of employing explosives in an effort to cause damage to Bassus’ shields as well as his health.

As soon as Bassus’ shields have been reduced, players are free to concentrate their assaults on the boss’s health while continuing to grapple their way around the arena in order to avoid being hit by him. 

Players can continue to chip away at Bassus’ health until he is slain, giving them victory in this hard boss fight in Halo Infinite by using a combination of long-range attacks, explosives, and the Grappleshot. This will let them progress further in the game.

Positioning is Key

There are multiple strategies for dispatching Bassus without suffering any casualties. To avoid being hit by his hammer, several players choose to grasp onto the top of a doorway in the arena’s serpentine tunnels. While he fumbles around and throws combat lines at you, you may slowly chip away at his health from here.

Yet, as compared to the explosive method, this one is tedious and ineffectual. A fusion coil explosion can be used to kill Bassus before the introduction cutscene begins. 

While this may kill him in the short term, it may not be enough to kill him in the long term. Depending on the player’s aim, his position, and the number of coils utilized, the final damage may need to be dealt with when he’s charging at the player.

Beat Him With an Ally

Another method to defeat Bassus in Halo Infinite is to bring a marine with a Skewer gun into the boss room. This requires maneuvering a Warthog into the gravity lift entrance to get the marine into the passenger seat. 

Once in the room, players can direct the marine to attack while they hit the console. This method can save time and effort but requires a Skewer gun and some effort to get the marine into the boss room.

HI Bassus Boss Fight


Despite the various strategies available to defeat Bassus, it remains a challenging encounter that requires players to remain focused and strategic. 

Whether players choose to take him head-on or use alternative methods such as bringing a marine with a Skewer gun into the boss room, defeating Bassus in Halo Infinite is an accomplishment that requires patience and skill. Overall, it adds to the excitement and satisfaction of playing the Halo series [1].

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