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Chak ’Lok of Halo — The Ultimate Boss Guide

Chak ‘Lok is one of the challenging bosses players face in the campaign of Halo Infinite. This Boss is armed with a deadly Energy Sword that can cause devastating damage to players, especially when he is cloaked. 

Therefore, players need to prepare adequately before facing him to ensure a smooth battle. To further give you an idea of who this boss is, this guide will provide useful tips and tricks for defeating Chak ‘Lok quickly and easily. So, let’s get started.

Most Recommended Strategies To Beat Chak ‘Lok

To defeat Chak ‘Lok, players should utilize these five main tips and strategies:

Chak lok dodges shot

More Tips for Defeating Chak ‘Lok in Halo Infinite

Since Chak ‘Lok can become invisible, he has the upper hand, although he may be located with the aid of the Threat Sensor. Since he battles single-handedly, no other adversaries should be feared. 

Apart from his Plasma Grenades and Pulse Carbine, Chak ‘Lok also carries an Energy Sword.

Put the Threat Sensor out at the beginning of the fight so you can find Chak ‘Lok. Players on PC can toggle back to the Grappleshot by pressing “1,” whereas console [1] players will need to press right twice on the d-pad. 

Then use a Pulse Rifle or Disruptor in combination with a Mangler or other Kinetic weapon. Utilize the Threat Sensor and Grappleshot to dodge quickly, and break his shield with electric Dynamo Grenades or Plasma weapons. Shock Coils found throughout the room can also stun him. 

Combine these tactics to bring down his shield. Use Halo Infinite’s Disruptor to stun Chak ‘Lok and deal damage to his shield. Watch out for his Pulse Carbine and Energy Sword attacks if he spots you first and stay alert to avoid them.

Another important thing to keep in mind when facing Chak’ Lok is to manage the battle’s pace. Players should take their time and not rush into attacking Chak’ Lok. 

Instead, players should focus on avoiding his attacks and using strategic strategies to lower his health and shields. By taking a patient approach, players can slowly whittle down Chak’ Lok’s health and defeat him.

Wrapping Up

Overall, with his swift movements and deadly attacks, Chak ‘Lok adds a new level of difficulty to the game, providing an exciting and challenging experience for players.

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