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Tao of Gunfire Reborn — Build Guide

Tao in Gunfire Reborn uses elemental powers to control the battlefield and defeat enemies. And to improve the gameplay, knowing the different weapons, skills, and talents, as well as different playstyles for both solo and team play is crucial.

So in this article, we’ll guide players on how to optimize Tao’s build in Gunfire Reborn, a first-person shooter with RPG and roguelike elements. Whether you’re new to Tao or a seasoned player, you can maximize its potential in combat. 

Tao’s Build Overview

Tao relies on a high rate of fire weapons, like Rifles, Injectors, and SMGs to stack up her Primary Skill, Swords Out, and unleash a barrage of flying swords. 

Her Ascensions amplify her damage and the number of flying swords, but she is also fragile and requires players to be agile and avoid enemy attacks.

Early Game: Tao’s survivability in Gunfire Reborn is limited to one Ascension, Sword Guard, and she relies on Peculiar Chests and Occult Scrolls for survival.

The bunny character in gunfire reborn

Sword Defense, another Ascension that provides damage mitigation, only lasts for a short time while using Swords Out.

Mid To Late Game: Tao’s tactics vary based on her equipped weapon, but her fully buffed Blade Rain can quickly defeat bosses. 

A hybrid skill tree is recommended to maximize her potential, and we’ll discuss ideal Ascension trees based on their ascendancy desirability.

Abilities of Tao

Here are Tao’s best abilities that will enable players to utilize the character effectively:

Primary: Swords Out – Tao’s Swords Out skill summons flying swords that target enemies, with the number of swords based on Blade Heart stacks gained by consuming ammo. Players can optimize stack building with certain weapons or Occult Scrolls.

Secondary: Fatal Bloom – This can deal damage and mark enemies for additional damage if hit 12 times within six seconds. 

Swords Out synergizes with Fatal Bloom, allowing players to maximize the potential of both skills and deal significant damage to enemies.

Tao Skills

Tao’s Weapons

Injectors: Thunderclap or Laser Gloves are best as Injector weapons, as they consume a large amount of ammunition and have high accuracy. 

Thunderclap Glove is better for taking down shielded or multiple enemies while the Laser Glove is ideal for single-target damage. 

SMG: Recommended SMGs for Tao include Angelic Aura, Scalpel, and Demonlore, with Scalpel being the top pick for its alternate firing mode that quickly builds Blade Heart stacks, while Angelic Aura is a decent all-around option, but not as effective as Scalpel.

Rifle: For rifle options, we recommend the Cavalry or Hexagon. The Hexagon’s ability to absorb damage is useful for her low HP, while the Cavalry’s full auto mode with guaranteed critical hits every third shot makes it a good pick.

Using melee weapons is not recommended for a good Tao build in Gunfire Reborn, despite her theme of using flying swords. Tao is a glass cannon and won’t survive in melee combat without proper defensive Occult Scrolls or Ascension talents.

Tao’s Best Occult Scrolls

Arms Dealer: Reduces the damage taken by 20% and increases damage dealt by 30% for ten seconds whenever the player consumes 100 ammo.

Advanced Depot: Reduces weapon damage by 15%, but it allows players to consume reserve ammo first instead of the magazine when shooting.

Perfect Sixth:  An +80% damage is acquired every sixth shot and resets upon reloading.

Improved Clip: There’s an increase in speed of 25% and the ammo is automatically refilled upon pick up.

Flowing Wing: This reduces damage based on movement speed, with a maximum reduction of 20%.

Ammo Belt: The ammo capacity is doubled.

Tao choosing scroll

Magic Magazine: 33% chance of not using reserve ammo and +30% firearm DMG for said reloaded mag.

Genesis: Shooting increases magazine ammo by 20%.

Deft Hands: Grants the player a two-second window of unlimited ammo after killing an enemy or destroying an object.

Merciless Combo: Provides a temporary boost of 15% to weapon damage for two seconds after hitting an enemy, which can stack up to 50 times

Backup Shield: Provides an instant recovery of 40% when the player’s armor or shield is broken, with a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Bullet Bank: Ammo picked up automatically converts to the weapon equipped.

Choosing an occult scroll

Strengths of Tao

Tao’s strengths involve boosting weapon rate of fire to quickly build Blade Heart Stacks and gain extra swords for Swords Out, while Fatal Bloom deals burst damage. 

However, Tao’s abilities are ineffective without high-fire-rate or ammo-consuming weapons, and her early runs are weaker due to her Ascensions.

Ascensions: Best Talents of Tao

To maximize Tao’s potential, players should level Tao’s Ascension skills early, despite the weaker early game, as it becomes a powerful hero capable of one-shotting enemies by mid to late game with the right skills.

Sword Shadow: To maximize the damage output of Tao’s Swords Out skill it is crucial to prioritize levelling up the Ascension skill that boosts the number of flying swords summoned for each Blade Heart stack.

Luminous Heart: This skill reduces the quantity of ammo needed to make Blade Heart stacks, allowing Tao to acquire flying swords faster. This can be useful for quickly building up a stack of swords for use with Swords Out.

Epic Swordcraft: This skill increases the base damage of flying swords at 300% max level, making it an excellent choice for players who want to maximize Tao’s damage output with Swords Out.

Empathy with Sword: This skill provides a 10% probability to summon an extra flying sword when striking an enemy. Since Tao summons many swords at once, this skill can significantly increase her damage output.

Amplified Sword: When enemies are striked by flying swords, they take increased damage that lasts and stacks for 5 seconds. This can be a powerful tool for taking down tough enemies quickly.

Sword Defense: This skill reduces the damage Tao takes when flying swords are being summoned. Since Tao is a fragile hero, this skill is essential for her survival in combat.

Sword Guard: This skill increases Tao’s maximum shield for each sword summoned, providing her with extra survivability in combat.

This is especially important since Tao doesn’t have enough proper survivability in her Ascensions compared to other heroes.

Furious Wave: This skill gives flying swords a 40% probability of acquiring twice the damage and a 20% probability of acquiring triple damage. 

With Tao constantly asking for Swords Out, this skill provides an excellent chance for critical hits.

Tao’s Gameplay Tips And Tricks

To maximize Tao’s gameplay [1] potential, players should prioritize high fire rate weapons that allow her to stack Swords Out and proc Fatal Bloom’s mark. 

Since Swords Out only gains stacks when off cooldown, players should reload during this time if using a high fire rate but small magazine size weapon. 

However, this tip is only useful in the early game when ammo replenishment is limited.

Enemy marked

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Whether or not to use Tao’s build ultimately depends on personal playstyle and preferences. Players who enjoy a glass cannon play style and are willing to invest in her Ascension skills can find her to be a powerful and enjoyable hero to play. 

However, players who prefer a more balanced or tanky playstyle may find her to be too risky. Ultimately, it’s up to the player to decide if Tao’s build suits their playstyle and whether they enjoy playing her.

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