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Reincarnation Difficulty in Gunfire Reborn

One of the most significant aspects of Gunfire Reborn that sets it apart from other games in the genre is its difficulty level. The game is challenging, even for experienced gamers, and requires a certain level of skill and strategy to progress. 

In addition to the standard difficulty mode, the game features a reincarnation mode that takes the difficulty level to new heights. Here, we will explore the various aspects of Gunfire Reborn’s difficulty level, including the challenges presented by the reincarnation mode and strategies for overcoming them.

Unlocking The Reincarnation Difficulty

To unlock the Reincarnation difficulty mode in Gunfire Reborn, you must first complete the game on the Hard difficulty mode, which will then unlock the Nightmare mode.

Spiritual remnant bursts from ground

To access the Reincarnation mode, you need to complete the Nightmare mode by accomplishing a run in either the Hyperborean Jokul or Duo Fjord levels. 

These levels are incredibly challenging and require advanced tactics and strategies to complete successfully. Once you have achieved this, the Reincarnation mode will become available to you, offering an even greater level of difficulty with randomized levels and stronger enemies.

The Reincarnation mode features eight difficulty levels, each progressively more challenging than the previous one.

Modifier Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8
Act 1 HP 2.9x 3.4x 3.9x 4.4x 4.9x 5.4x 5.9x 5.9x
Act 2 HP 3.4x 4.4x 5.4x 6.4x 7.4x 8.4x 9.4x 9.4x
Act 3 HP 4.0x 5.6x 7.2x 8.8x 10.4x 12.0x 13.6x 13.6x
Act 4 HP 4.5x 5.6x 7.2x 8.8x 10.4x 12.0x 13.6x 13.6x
Act 1 DMG 2.1x 2.4x 2.7x 3.0x 3.3x 3.6x 3.9x 3.9x
Act 2 DMG 2.0x 2.2x 2.4x 2.6x 2.8x 3.0x 3.2x 3.2x
Act 3 DMG 2.02x 2.24x 2.46x 2.68x 2.90x 3.12x 3.34x 3.34x
Act 4 DMG 2.02x 2.24x 2.46x 2.68x 2.90x 3.12x 3.34x 3.34x
Soul Essence 1.25x 1.30x 1.35x 1.40x 1.45x 1.50x 1.55x 1.55x

This table shows the different modifiers for each level of the Reincarnation difficulty mode in Gunfire Reborn. The modifiers affect the health and damage of enemies as well as the amount of soul essence you can acquire. 

As you progress through each level, the modifiers increase, making the enemies stronger and more difficult to defeat. The table can be used as a reference to help you prepare for each level of the Reincarnation mode and adjust your tactics and strategies accordingly.

Spiritual Remnants

During the game, players will encounter Spiritual Remnants that show at the beginning of each level, offering three spiritual blessings that you can buy using Soul Essence, not at the start of each act. 

These blessings can provide significant advantages, such as increased health, damage, and critical hit chance, making them highly desirable for players seeking to improve their characters.

Here’s an example. The Crown Prince in Gunfire Reborn has a unique Spiritual Blessing known as Elemental Maestro, which provides him with a significant advantage in combat. 

Once purchased from the Spiritual Remnant, this blessing provides the Crown Prince a buff every 10 seconds, which increases his Elemental damage by 100%. The buff has a short duration and can be renewed by purchasing the blessing again from the Spiritual Remnant.

Bizarre Dream

In Bizarre Dream mode in Gunfire Reborn, players can enable two new selections that can modify their gameplay experience. One of these options is called Spiritual Link, which provides players with sets containing Ascensions,  Occult Scrolls, or weapons.

Bizarre dream mode

These sets offer various buffs and bonuses that can enhance a player’s character and make them more effective in combat.

To complete a set in Spiritual Link, players must obtain a specific number of Occult Scrolls or Ascensions, which are usually found by defeating enemies or opening chests. 

For instance, the Guardian Warrior set for Xing Zhe build rewards the player with a 30% damage reduction, and to obtain it, players must obtain three Occult Scrolls or Ascensions in the set. 

These can be obtained by acquiring Surprise Bonus, Enduring Caster,  Spirit Bible, Shattered Soul, or Rich’s Privileges. 

The second Bizarre Dream option is called Mysterious Jokul, which makes the Hyperborean Jokul level much more challenging but provides slight bonuses to help players prepare.

Mysterious jokul on Bizarre Dream mode

Pros And Cons


Soul Essence acquired gameplay


Pole Monarch charges towards me

About Phantom Peddler

This is a new addition to the game that randomly appears in stages, the same as the standard Peddler. However, the Phantom Peddler’s wares are improved, giving extra bonuses to weapons and Occult that are usually achievable otherwise.

The enhanced scrolls are usually worth the Soul Essence required to purchase them. These scrolls can significantly shift the course of a player’s run. 

It provides powerful upgrades and bonuses, which can improve their characters’ abilities and change the game’s dynamics in many different ways.

Reincarnation 8 Difficulty

Reincarnation 8 is the highest difficulty level available in Gunfire Reborn, and it provides players with the ultimate challenge. This level is significantly more challenging than any other difficulty, with enemies having maximum HP and damage output across all acts.

Every boss stage is guaranteed to have a challenge event, including the final boss of each act. This means that players must be prepared to face additional challenges and obstacles, even when they are already engaged in a challenging boss battle.

Final stage gameplay with Pole monarch

These challenge events can vary in difficulty and type, and they can significantly impair a player’s progress if they are not adequately prepared. However, successfully completing these events can provide players with valuable rewards, such as additional Soul Essence, powerful weapons, and upgrades.

The rewards for completing Reincarnation 8 are significant, with players earning large amounts of Soul Essence and the chance to acquire Gunfire Reborn’s powerful weapons and upgrades. 

However, the difficulty of this level is not for the faint of heart, and only the most skilled and dedicated players will be able to conquer it.

Wrapping Up

Whether or not it is worth it to reach Reincarnation difficulty in Gunfire Reborn depends on the individual player’s goals, preferences, and skill level. For those who are up for the challenge, Reincarnation difficulty provides a thrilling and rewarding gameplay [1] experience that is unlike anything else in the game. 

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