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A Guide on Gunfire Reborn Characters

The Gunfire Reborn characters are a diverse group, ranging from a wise and powerful panda to a quick and nimble cat, each with their own weapons, skills, and special powers that allow them to overcome the game’s challenges in their unique way. 

As players progress through the game, they can unlock new characters and upgrade their abilities, making each playthrough a unique and exciting experience.

Whether players prefer to take on enemies head-on or sneak around them, the Gunfire Reborn characters provide a range of play styles and strategies that keep the game fresh and engaging. 

With their charming personalities and impressive abilities, the Gunfire Reborn characters are sure to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience.


The characters from Gunfire Reborn are ranked according to their consistency, strengths, and weaknesses throughout the course of a typical run.

Gunfire reborn characters

Reincarnation Difficulty

Gunfire Reborn does have a system where players can ascend their character to increase the game’s difficulty and unlock new rewards. After players complete the game’s storyline for the first time, they will have the option to Ascend. 

Ascending resets the game’s story progress, but players retain their unlocked characters, weapons, and upgrades. Each time a player ascends, reincarnation difficulty in Gunfire Reborn will increase, and enemies will have more health, deal more damage, and become more aggressive.

What is Reincarnation 8?

Reincarnation 8 is the eighth level of Ascension in Gunfire Reborn. When a player reaches Reincarnation 8, the game’s difficulty is significantly increased compared to lower Ascension levels.

To survive at Reincarnation 8, players will need to have a strong understanding of the game’s mechanics and be skilled in using their weapons and abilities effectively. Players will also need to make smart decisions when it comes to selecting their weapons, artifacts, and character upgrades.

Gunfire Reborn Character Tier List

This character tier list ranks the characters based on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as their overall effectiveness in the game.

Gunfire multiplayer fighting the boss

Players can use this tier list to determine which characters are the most powerful and which ones may require more skill or strategy to use effectively. However, it is important to note that a tier list is subjective and can vary depending on personal playstyle and experience.


Characters listed on the C-Tier list are one of the most challenging to play with, but this doesn’t mean they’re not fun.

The thunder tiger is the ideal choice for inflicting substantial and unrestrained destruction. When equipped with the appropriate abilities and parchments, he can unleash tremendously powerful lightning strikes, resulting in extensive damage to a single target. His primary skill has the potential to double the impact of a single attack, making him a formidable adversary in skilled hands.

Lei Lou is a character in the game Gunfire Reborn with two powerful area-of-effect abilities, Fatal Current and Chain Lightning, which are ideal for clearing mobs. However, they have the lowest Health and Shield pools in the game, making them a glass cannon. Lei Lou’s abilities can be boosted with Occult Scrolls, but they remain unsuitable for higher levels of play.


The following characters are fairly average in all aspects.

The Gunfire Reborn character Xing Zhe focuses primarily on enhancing either his primary ability, Soul Strike, or his secondary ability, Essence Chain, as well as his weapons. By using Soul Strike, Xing Zhe launches a projectile that generates a clone of himself, attacking enemies within a 10m radius. 

The damage of Soul Strike depends on the currently equipped weapon and Ascension skills. For instance, equipping a Launcher will transform each hit of Soul Strike into an incendiary one. However, there will be three more projectiles when you utilize a shotgun.

However, Xing Zhe’s potential as a damage dealer relies heavily on the weapon used, and players looking to maximize his effectiveness may need to use Launchers, which are less effective in later stages of the game. 

Furthermore, Xing Zhe requires a specific build to excel in normal gameplay [1], similar to Qing Yan, and is not considered the best character in Gunfire Reborn.

Qian Sui’s approach to gameplay emphasizes absorbing enemy attacks and swift movement, enabling players to close the distance and deliver a devastating burst of damage.

Even while Qian Sui is a master at close quarters combat, it is also his primary flaw. Controlling him can be difficult because of his need for rapid movement and the eyesight impairment that happens during Tidal Aspis. 

Players also need to be careful not to advance too far because doing so could leave Qian Sui defenseless against attacks from behind when his Aspis is down or trapped in enemy territory when it is active.

In comparison to other heroes, Qian Sui possesses the highest base Shield capacity, as well as the quickest Shield recovery rate almost equal to that of Lei Luo, and the shortest recharge delay. Consequently, his Shield is exceptional at withstanding enemy attacks.

The canine protagonist of Gunfire Reborn, Ao Bai, has a penchant for huge explosions and, along with his dual-wield abilities, may quickly establish himself as a powerful force. This allows him to fight akimbo-style for about 40 seconds while using his secondary weapon with his left hand. 

While this skill is excellent for dealing a lot of damage in a short period of time, it has a cooldown during which you are left on your own.

The dog character in gunfire reborn

Although Ao Bai’s dual wield skill in Gunfire Reborn is strong, players should be mindful of some of its restrictions. For example, he is not permitted to dual wield bows or swords. Players cannot switch to another weapon while in dual wield mode if the one they are using has an alternative firing mode. 

There are restrictions on the kind of weapons Ao Bai can employ, making it harder for players to proceed through longer runs and figure out the best weapon combinations.


These characters are among the very best in the game.

Qing Yan is the only playable character in Gunfire Reborn who does not have a shield and instead depends on armor, which does not require recharging. 

Qing Yan uses his primary ability, Leap, which allows him to pounce toward enemies and deal significant damage, to replenish lost Armor. Leap may be improved by players to shorten its cooldown, which speeds up Qing Yan’s Armor regeneration.

Crown Prince is an excellent choice for players looking to utilize Elemental Weapons because he applies Decay to them, allowing them to fire two distinct elements. His Energy Orb and Smoke Grenade skills can also effectively eliminate numerous foes within a wide radius.


As stated, the A-Tier Characters are among the very best, but the following characters in the S-Tier List are the very best out of all the characters in the game.

The bunny character in gunfire reborn

Tao’s playing style mostly centers on using a lot of ammunition, getting struck a lot, and killing foes whilst enhancing her powers with a flurry of flying swords. Increasing the quantity of flying swords produced, either through Swords Out or even different techniques, is a key focus for numerous of her playthroughs. 

Thus, further ascensions reliant on strikes or conjured flying swords may have their power increased.

Due to her outstanding skills, Gunfire Reborn’s Tao is still a sought-after hero in Gunfire Reborn. She becomes a force to be reckoned with thanks to her Talent augmentations, which give her a 30% increase in magazine capacity and a 30% reduction in reload time. 

Moreover, with each adversary vanquished, her Resilient Shield Talent reduces her Shield Recovery Rate. Adding to her already impressive skills, Tao’s Movement Speed increases by 10% for eight seconds every time an opponent is defeated, making her an overpowered character.

Because of her powerful skills, Spiritual Flame and Blazing Meteor, Li is recognized as the greatest hero in Gunfire Reborn. Li is the best option for those who want to move through the game quickly. The infusing ability Spiritual Flame burns enemies and deals fire damage. As players gather additional Spiritual Flame Energy which can reach a maximum of 60 Energy the power of this ability grows.


In conclusion, choosing the best character in Gunfire Reborn largely depends on your preferred playstyle and individual preferences. Each character has its unique abilities and strengths, which can complement your gaming style and help you progress through the game effectively. 

By trying out different characters and experimenting with their abilities, you can discover the one that suits you the best and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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