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Best GTFO Weapons — A Player’s Guide

GTFO weapons, or “get the f*** out” weapons, are a controversial topic in the world of self-defense and personal protection. These weapons are designed to be used in situations where the user feels threatened or endangered and needs to quickly and decisively neutralize the threat. 

While some argue that these weapons are necessary for self-defense, others believe that they are dangerous and can lead to unnecessary harm or even death. To know more, we will round up the various types of GTFO weapons, their effectiveness, and the ethical considerations that come with using them.

List of Weapons

The Omneco LRG HEL Rifle

This is a fictional weapon that is only available in the cooperative first-person shooter video game GTFO. In the game, it is a semi-automatic hybrid electrothermal light-gas gun that fires energy bolts and is capable of killing Strikers with one shot. 

It appears that the HEL Rifle is considered a powerful and effective weapon in the game and is preferred by some players as it is superior in terms of scope. It’s worth noting that as a fictional weapon, the HEL Rifle does not exist in real life and is only available in the context of the game.

HEL Rifle Gameplay

Sawed-Off Shotgun

This weapon is a close-range option that deals a significant amount of damage to multiple enemies at once. 

While it can be effective in taking out groups of Strikers, it also requires the player to get up close and personal with the enemy, which can be dangerous without proper cover or backup from squadmates.

 It’s also interesting to note that the Sawed-Off Shotgun can be a good choice for conserving ammo, as it may take fewer shots to take out multiple enemies at once.

Sawed-off shotgun gameplay

Techman Klust Burst Cannon

This weapon is a very powerful option that can be effective at covering entrances and dealing high burst damage. Despite its slow rate of fire and reload time, the Burst Cannon’s high damage and burst capability make it a valuable asset in certain situations. 

It’s also interesting to note that players may want to pair this weapon with a medium-range weapon like an SMG or Pistol to balance out their arsenal and switch out for the main weapon instead of reloading in order to maintain pressure on enemies. 

It’s clear that the Burst Cannon is a formidable weapon, but its effectiveness is likely balanced by its limited availability in the game.

Accrat ND6 Heavy SMG

This weapon was a powerful option that offered high damage and stability, making it an effective choice for medium-range combat. However, its high damage and stability may have made it overpowered, leading to its restriction in the game.

Accrat NDG

It’s interesting to note that the Heavy SMG carried less ammo in the magazine than the SMG but had similar ammo storage capacity to both the SMG and Assault Rifle. Despite its restricted status, it seems that many players are eager to use this weapon again due to its effectiveness in combat.

Bataldo Model 8 HEL Revolver

The Bataldo Model 8 HEL Revolver is a highly sought-after weapon in GTFO, especially in the notoriously difficult Rundown 004. It boasts the damage of the DMR Rifle and the stability of the Pistol, along with a fast reload time and high staggering capability. 

The revolver’s piercing rounds make it particularly effective in tight spaces where enemies may be clustered together. 

Players find that headshots are easy to achieve with this weapon, and even if they hit the torso, the revolver’s staggering ability makes follow-up shots relatively simple.

Overall, the Bataldo Model 8 HEL Revolver is a versatile and powerful weapon that can be effective in a range of combat scenarios.

Mastaba R66 Revolver

The Mastaba Revolver in GTFO is a decent weapon that deals significant damage and has a high rate of fire. With good aim, players can efficiently take down Scouts, Strikers, and Shooters with a single shot. 

However, the revolver’s small ammo capacity of only six rounds and slow reload time may limit its usefulness in prolonged combat scenarios. 

Additionally, the weapon’s significant recoil can make follow-up shots less accurate and more challenging to execute. While the Mastaba Revolver is a decent choice overall, its limitations may prevent it from ranking higher among other weapons in the game.

Techman Veruta XII Machine Gun

While it may seem like a machine gun would be an obvious choice for dealing with swarms of enemies in GTFO, the Techman Veruta has its pros and cons. On the positive side, this weapon has a large magazine and ammo capacity, making it useful for crowd control and long-range combat. 

However, its extremely slow reload time can be a major drawback in fast-paced situations, and its damage per shot may not be sufficient against tougher enemies. Despite its crowd-control abilities, the Techman Veruta may not be the optimal choice for all players, particularly in more challenging combat scenarios.

Accrat Golok DA Bullpup Rifle

This weapon has several notable strengths that make it a popular choice among players, including exceptional stability and low recoil, a large magazine, and one of the game’s largest ammo capacities.

Accrat Golok Rifle aim

Its high rate of fire is a double-edged sword. While it can be effective for crowd control, it can also lead to quick ammo depletion in prolonged engagements. 

This is an important consideration for players who are planning to use the Bullpup Rifle in combat, as it may be necessary to switch to other weapons or use the Bullpup Rifle more sparingly to conserve ammo.

Additionally, the Bullpup Rifle’s high rate of fire can make it challenging to control in certain situations, particularly at longer ranges where accuracy is more important. Players should be mindful of the weapon’s limitations in these scenarios and adjust their tactics accordingly.

TR22 Hanaway DMR

The TR22 Hanaway DMR is a semi-automatic rifle that has remained relevant since the first rundown of GTFO. It’s widely regarded as an excellent support weapon for a group, and it’s almost mandatory for at least one member to carry a DMR, given its versatility and effectiveness.

One of the most significant strengths of the DMR is its high damage output, which doesn’t diminish much at long range. As players get better at aiming, the TR22 Hanaway DMR becomes one of the most efficient weapons in the game in terms of kills per magazine. This makes it an excellent choice for players who prefer to engage enemies from a distance.

However, the TR22 Hanaway DMR does have a few weaknesses. It has a relatively low ammo capacity, which means that players will need to be conservative with their shots and reload frequently. Additionally, the DMR’s accuracy is significantly lower when firing from the hip, so players will need to use the weapon’s sights for the best results.

Koning PR 11 Sniper

This is a weapon of extremes, with an impressive damage rating and the best range in the game. It’s one of the few weapons that can one-shot kill enemies without requiring a headshot, making it an excellent choice for taking out stronger enemies quickly.

However, the Koning Sniper Rifle also has several drawbacks that may limit its effectiveness in certain situations. Its magazine size and ammo capacity are the smallest in the game, meaning that players will need to use the weapon judiciously and reload frequently. 

Additionally, its slow rate of fire may make it challenging to use in fast-paced combat scenarios.

Buckland S870 Shotgun

In particular, the shotgun is useful for securing choke points and clearing groups of enemies with just a few well-placed shots. While the shotgun’s limited range and ammo capacity may be drawbacks, these factors are less of an issue in close-quarters combat scenarios where the weapon is most effective.

Overall, the Buckland S870 Shotgun is a powerful choice for players who want to control crowds and clear areas quickly. Its effectiveness in close-quarters combat makes it a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal, especially when facing swarms of enemies in confined spaces.

Shelling S49 Pistol

The weapon has a decent damage output per shot and a good rate of fire, making it an effective choice for players who want to deal damage quickly. However, the pistol’s best aspect is its ability to cause enemies to stagger. 

This is a valuable game mechanic that players will want to exploit as much as possible, as it can give them an advantage in combat and make it easier to take down groups of enemies. Nonetheless, the Shelling S49 Pistol is a reliable and efficient choice for players who want to cause enemies to stagger and deal damage quickly.

Malatack HXC Heavy Assault Rifle

One of the primary advantages of the Heavy Assault Rifle is its high damage output per shot, which is impressive for an automatic weapon. This makes the weapon a powerful choice for taking down enemies quickly, even at longer ranges where some other weapons may struggle. 

Another advantage of the Heavy Assault Rifle is its low rate of fire, which can actually be beneficial in combat. This helps players conserve ammo and allows for more accurate follow-up shots, which can be especially useful in fast-paced combat scenarios.

Bullet burst after Malatack shot

Its low rate of fire may take some getting used to, but it can be a helpful feature in combat and ultimately make the weapon more effective overall.

Omneco EXP1 HEL Gun

This weapon is a powerful choice for players, with the ability to fire penetrating rounds that can take down multiple enemies with a single shot. 

While the HEL Gun’s ability to penetrate multiple enemies may seem overpowered at times, it’s important to note that the weapon has several drawbacks that can limit its effectiveness in certain scenarios. 

For example, the HEL Gun has a slow rate of fire and a limited magazine capacity, which can make it challenging to use in fast-paced combat scenarios.

Omneco HEL Gun fire

One such drawback is the weapon’s long reload [1] time, which can leave players vulnerable in combat. Additionally, there is a delay between shots as the gun charges, which can limit the weapon’s effectiveness in fast-paced combat scenarios.

Van Auken LTC 5 SMG

One of the primary advantages of the Van Auken SMG is its large magazine, which allows for extended periods of firing without needing to reload. Additionally, the weapon can be reloaded quickly when necessary, minimizing downtime in combat. 

While the Van Auken SMG may not deal as much damage per shot as some other weapons, its high rate of fire helps to compensate for this. Furthermore, the weapon is relatively stable and doesn’t suffer from excessive recoil, making it easier to control and aim in combat.

Van Auken

Wrapping Up

To choose the best weapon in GTFO, players should consider their playstyle, the situation, and the types of enemies they are facing. Another aspect to keep in mind is the need to balance offense and defense, as players must not only eliminate enemies but also avoid taking damage themselves. 

Choosing the right weapon for the situation can be crucial to maintaining a balance between these two goals. Experimenting with different weapons is also important to find what works best. There is no one “best” weapon, but by considering these factors, players can make an informed decision and increase their chances of survival.

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