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GTFO Enemies — Who Are They?

One of the GTFO’s key challenges is the variety of enemies players must face, each with unique abilities and weaknesses. Thus, we will explore some of the most challenging enemies in GTFO and strategies for defeating them. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran of the game or a newcomer looking for tips, this discussion will provide valuable insights into surviving the horrors of GTFO.

Brief Overview About GTFO Enemies

In GTFO, enemies have four different states, each with its characteristics and behaviors.


Enemies in the sleeping state are the least dangerous but can still pose a threat if players are not careful. In this state, enemies are usually stationary and unaware of the player’s presence. 

The sleeper next to the scout

They can be taken out with melee attacks or silenced weapons without alerting nearby enemies. However, players must be careful not to make noise or shine their flashlights directly on them, as this can alert nearby enemies.


The pulsing state is a transitional state where enemies are beginning to sense the player’s presence. In this state, enemies emit a pulsing sound and start to move around, making them harder to avoid.


The scanning state is where enemies actively search for the player. In this state, enemies emit a scanning sound and move around actively, making it harder for players to avoid detection. 

Enemies in the scanning state also emit a faint glow, making them easier to spot in the dark.


Enemies in the alerted state are the most dangerous of all enemy states. In this state, enemies actively pursue and attack the player, emitting a loud, aggressive sound. Alerted enemies actively hunt the player and will not stop until they are eliminated.

Complete List of Enemies

The Striker

This enemy, also known as the Grunt, is one of the most common enemies in GTFO. These enemies are humanoid creatures with a lanky build and a hunched posture.

They are often the first enemies players encounter and are relatively easy to deal with compared to other enemy types. They are also the most aggressive enemy types and will charge the player once they are alerted.

The Big Striker

This enemy, the Brute, is a rare but more dangerous variant of the Striker. Unlike Strikers, they have a larger build and stand between 8-12 feet tall.

Backstabbing the big striker

Brutes are much more aggressive, with a higher health pool and powerful attacks that can deal significant damage. When facing a Brute, players should use firearms and aim for the head and stomach to deal the most damage.

The Scout

A type of unique enemy in GTFO that differs from other enemy types. It is smaller and more agile, making it harder to hit with firearms. Scouts are in a constant state of motion and emit a low, pulsing sound that makes them hard to detect.

Scouts are often found in groups and can be difficult to deal with, especially when they are moving quickly. They can also dodge attacks and jump over obstacles, making them hard to pin down.

The Shooter

They are also known as the archers, a ranged enemy in GTFO that attacks players from a distance with projectile weapons. These enemies are often found on higher ground, making it harder for players to engage with melee attacks.

Shooters emit a faint humming sound when they detect the player’s presence and will start firing arrows or other projectiles once they have a clear shot. 

They are often accompanied by other enemy types, making it important for players to prioritize taking them out first to avoid taking damage from a distance.

Big Shooter

Other enemy types often accompany these larger Shooters and can significantly damage players from a distance. They emit a humming sound similar to regular Shooters and will start firing projectiles once they have a clear shot.

To deal with these larger Shooters, players should prioritize using ranged weapons and aim for the head to deal the most damage. 

The Puncher

Also known as the Bull, it is a powerful melee enemy in the lore of GTFO. These enemies are large and muscular, emitting a low, rumbling sound when they detect the player’s presence. They charge at players with their fists and deal significant damage if they make contact.

To deal with Punchers, players should prioritize using firearms and aim for the head to deal the most damage. Players should also use cover to avoid getting hit by their charging attacks and be aware of their surroundings to avoid getting cornered.


Shadows emit a faint, pulsing sound when they detect the player’s presence and will start teleporting around the room once they are alerted. They can also create clones of themselves, making it difficult for players to know which Shadow is the real one.


By understanding each enemy type and their behavior, you can better plan your approach, coordinate with your team, and avoid unnecessary damage or loss of resources. This knowledge will also help you make better decisions in the heat of the moment and react quickly to unexpected situations.

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