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Ruined Shrine Sealed by Chthonic Energies: A Complete Guide

If you are an avid player of Grim Dawn, you may have stumbled upon this mysterious location in the game’s vast world. However, you might be unsure of what the shrine’s purpose is and how to unlock its secrets. 

Fear not! In this guide, we will delve into the lore and mechanics behind this intriguing location, providing you with all the information you need to uncover the shrine’s secrets and reap its rewards. So, let us embark on this journey of discovery and unlock the mysteries of the ruined shrine in Grim Dawn!

What is the Ruined Shrine Sealed by Chthonic Energies?

The ruined shrine, commonly known as the Mogdrogen Shrine, is situated in the Asterkarn Valley and is a part of the Rhowari Legacy sidequest. As soon as you become a member of the Rovers’ Honored Faction, the quest should become available. 

You only need to speak with Amkala in Old Arkovia to begin the quest. 

grim dawn mogdrogen shrine

In order to complete the task, you must gather a few things, place them in the shrine, and fend off several waves of Chthonic monsters.

How to Complete the Quest

Step 1

As previously mentioned, you must first travel to Old Arkovia and speak with Amkala to begin the quest. Of course, you must first ensure that the Rovers have honored your membership in your Faction. 

Once you’ve acquired Rhowari Legacy, search for Runed Stones of Mogdrogen, find Spirit of Mogdrogen, and gather Ancient Heart.

Find the Runed Stone of Mogdrogen by going to the Ashen Waste. Keep an eye on the minimap since it comes in handy here.

The Forsaken Wastes is where the Spirit of Mogdrogen is located. Once more, you should use your minimap to speed up the process.

Grim Dawn Sealed by Chthonic Energies

Here, you have a choice between searching your stash and farming it from beasts.

Step 2

Go to Asterkarn Valley as soon as you acquire the items, and then put them in the Mogdrogen Shrine there. Chthonic creatures will soon appear, and your only option will be to kill them.

Step 3

The Mogdrogen avatar will appear if you manage to survive the fight. Ask the avatar a question to receive your reward. 

You are currently limited to those options when it comes to the ruined shrine of Grim Dawn that has been sealed by Chthonic energies.


Where can the Spirit of Mogdrogen be found in Grim Dawn?

The Spirit of Mogdrogen is a part of the Shrine of Mogdrogen found in the Forsaken Wastes area of the Grim Dawn video game. It is encountered during the Rhowari Legacy questline, after completing the Hidden Path quest. 

The Spirit guards the secrets of the Rhowari Legacy and drops a valuable item, Mogdrogen’s Peace, upon defeat. The encounter is challenging and requires a well-equipped character and strategy to succeed.

What is the Ruined Shrine in Grim Dawn?

A Ruined Shrine in Grim Dawn is an interactive object that offers players the opportunity to earn Devotion points, which are used to unlock bonuses and skills in the game’s Devotion system. To use a Ruined Shrine, players must restore it with specific items unique to each shrine. 

Once restored, players can interact with the shrine to earn a Devotion point, after which it will go on a cooldown period. Desecrated Shrines are similar to Ruined Shrines but require purification by defeating enemies before players can earn Devotion points.

Where can the Runed Stone of Mogdrogen be found in Grim Dawn?

The location of the runed stone of Mogdrogen in Grim Dawn is not fixed and may vary from playthrough to playthrough. However, the stone can often be found in the Ashen Waste, a location in the game’s Act 3

Players may need to defeat certain enemies in the area to acquire the stone. The stone is a key item required to unlock a secret area in the game, which is associated with the story of Mogdrogen, a mythical creature in the game’s lore.

Where is the Ashen Waste in Grim Dawn?

The Ashen Waste is a location in the world of Grim Dawn, specifically located in the central region of Mount Maelstrom. This area is characterized by its desolate and barren landscape, with ashen and rocky terrain dominating the surroundings.

What is the Asterkarn Valley in Grim Dawn?

The Asterkarn Valley is a significant location in Grim Dawn’s Act 4, known for its forested environment and diverse factions such as the Rovers and the Chthonic cultists. Players will encounter several challenges in this region, including quests, battles, and dungeons. 

The Mogdrogen Shrine is a crucial location within the valley that players can visit to gain valuable rewards. The Asterkarn Valley offers different landscapes and hidden treasures for players to explore as they progress through the game.


While it is not necessary to enter the Ruined Shrine Sealed by Chthonic Energies quest to complete the game’s main storyline, it can be a rewarding and exciting addition to your gameplay experience [1].  

Ultimately, it is up to the player to decide whether they want to explore this optional area or focus on the primary objectives of the game.

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