Install DarkRP on Garry's Mod Server via github GMod

How to Install DarkRP on a Garry’s Mod Server

Garry’s Mod is a popular sandbox game that allows players to manipulate objects and experiment with physics in a virtual environment. 

One popular game mode of Garry’s Mod is DarkRP. It can be installed on a Garry’s Mod server to provide an additional layer of fun and challenge to the game. If you want to play it, our resident gamers are here show you how to install DarkRP on a Garry’s Mod server!

How to Install DarkRP on a Garry's Mod Server?

DarkRP is a very popular game mode in the Garry’s Mod community because it lets players do crazy things and mess around.

Install DarkRP on Garry's Mod Server via github


DarkRP adds a different type of fun and excitement to Garry’s Mod. It is easy to install, and all you need to remember is to upload the darkrp folder to the correct directory, and change the gamemode name in the config file [1]

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