Thaw All the Shards Out Again Genshin Impact

Thaw All the Shards Out Again on Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has been out for a little over years now, and players have had plenty of time to explore the game and its mechanics. 

If you’re looking to thaw out all the shards again, here’s a quick guide on how to do it.

How to Thaw All the Shards Again

Players have to thaw frozen shards as part of the main objective of this mission. To do so, players must utilize Scarlet Quartz in place of the fire skill that Genshin Impact normally uses to thaw the ice. 

Players that break Scarlet Quartz receive a brief boost that enables them to shatter Magical Ice. However, they must thaw the shards once again after they are all done the first time. This second step can be a bit puzzling for players.

Thaw All the Shards Out Again

How to Thaw the First Shard Again

As players find the top of the mountain in Skyfrost’s Nail at the top of the Dragonspine, a cut scene will play, showing the frozen spire. Players must first vanquish every opponent in the region before they can access the Scarlet Quartz, which will provide them the bonus necessary to break the Magical Ice. 

The Scarlet Quartz and the sleeping Ruin Grader are separated by a barrier that prevents players from reaching them until all of the opponents have been eliminated.

Players should go deeper into the circular slope after breaking this Scarlet Quartz and change to an archer character like Amber while the Scarlet Quartz buff is still in effect. 

Break the ice around the first shard, which is floating close to the spire, by aiming at it. Players that act quickly may also be able to reach the shard before the Quartz timer expires [1].

How to Thaw the Second Shard Again

Players must search for the second shard, which will spawn quite near to where the first shard was. They should go up the slope after finding it until they come to a heat beacon. 

Thaw All the Shards Out Again

They should then move north and defeat any Frostarm Lawachurl they come across. Afterward, they should be able to locate the subsequent Scarlet Quartz that has to be broken next to a chest. 

Players should return to the cliff close to the previous heat beacon after this Scarlet Quartz has been smashed. They can use their archer character to shoot down the second shard there.

How to Thaw the Third Shard Again

Players just need to thaw one more shard at this point. This shard is floating straight above the spire and is significantly higher up than the rest. 

To go to an Anemo Totem, players should follow the Warming Seelie that was close to the Lawachurl’s chest. Characters with wind skills, like Venti or the Traveler, will need to activate the Anemo Totem. The player may glide across accelerated circles and wind currents created by this to get to a Hilichurl camp.

Players will need to break a Scarlet Quartz during the Hilichurl camp. The third shard can then be shot at or attacked by gliding down to one of the floating platforms. All of the shards will have thawed again as a result of this.

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