Nazuchi Beach Genshin Impact

Nazuchi Beach Location on Genshin Impact

Nazuchi Beach is an interesting location in Genshin Impact. But despite its beauty, many players are still unsure of where to find it. In this post, we’ll guide you to Nazuchi Beach.

Where is Nazuchi Beach in the Game Genshin Impact?

Nazuchi Beach is a Subarea on Yashiori Island, which is in the city of Inazuma. Nazuchi Beach, which is between Kannazuka and Yashiori Island, has been destroyed by war for almost a thousand years. 

In the past few years, both the Tenryou Commission and the Watatsumi Army have been interested in it because there are weapons all over the place. 

Nazuchi Beach Location

Here, both land and sea battles have taken place, and outsiders like thieves have made the area a favorite place to take what is left of the battlefield.

Where Can You Find Dendrobium?

If you want to farm Dendrobium, you’ll have to leave the mainland’s shores [1]. At the moment, these plants can only be found on the islands of Inazuma. 

The largest cluster of them can be found on Nazuchi Beach. If you get all of these, you’ll get a big chunk of the nodes that are out there. Just north of the Kujou Camp is the other most obvious place to farm them.

There are 22 Dendrobium on the beach, and there are another 9 on the small island to the north of the camp. You can get 36 blooms per refresh if you really push yourself and collect every single node on the islands. 

The speed of which you get the resource depends on how much time you are willing to spend getting the harder to reach nodes.

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