mr. bohuan location genshin impact Genshin Impact

Mr. Bohuan Location on Genshin Impact

As a part of our Genshin Impact guide series, we’ll be covering Mr. Bohuan’s location in the game. 

If you’re curious about this character, read on to learn more about where to find Mr. Bohuan and what he has to offer.

Where is Mr. Bohuan on Genshin Impact?

Mr. Bohuan, an NPC, is a poet and calligrapher. He can be seen staring toward the Bishui River southwest of Stone Gate in Liyue. He can also be seen standing at Stone Gate and looking towards Dihua Marsh.

mr. bohuan location genshin impact

Where is the Stone Gate Situated?

A Subarea called Stone Gate may be found in Liyue’s Bishui Plain. The routes leading to Dawn Winery in the northeast, Wuwang Hill and Qingce Village in the northwest, and Dihua Marsh and Liyue Harbor in the southwest all meet here. 

In close proximity to it, there are two Teleport Waypoints: one to the west and one to the north of the area.

Where is Dihua Marsh Located?

A Subarea called Dihua Marsh is situated in Liyue’s Bishui Plain. It is located north of Wangshu Inn and south of Stone Gate. To the east is Sal Terrae. 

On the northernmost point of Dihua Marsh, next to the main road, is a Statue of the Seven. Many aspects of the culture, environment, and architecture of Guilin [1] were included in the creation of the Dihua Marsh region.

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