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How to Deliver the Pictures to the Customer on Genshin Impact

Players in Genshin Impact have the opportunity to acquire a gadget that enables them to record images of their adventures, but they must work for it. 

If you want to covet this exciting prize, learn the steps in this guide: 

How to Get the Genshin Impact Snapshot Quest?

The quest is given to Genshin Impact players by Xu, an NPC who works for the Feiyun Commerce Guild and who can be located nearby in the northwest corner of Liyue Harbor. 

Xu asks the player to find the clients by recognizing their surroundings in the photograph after explaining that he neglected to put their names on the back of their respective pictures.

How to Deliver the Picture to the First Customer in Liyue?

The entirety of the quest is completed in Liyue. When the task is accepted, the map will display a broad location where players can find Tea Master Liu Su, the subject of the first picture. 

He is on the second level next to the stairway leading to the Northland Bank, on a stage northeast of Xu. 

Genshin Impact- talking to Tea Master Liu Su about the Kamera

Players must start a conversation with Tea Master Liu Su and choose the “About the Kamera” option. The next customer’s location is revealed when Master Liu Su thanks the player, which updates the quest.

How to Deliver the Picture to the Second Customer

Moving southeast, the players must now cross the bridges that lead to Chihu Rock. 

The next and last client is Granny Shan, a toy vendor who is located northeast of the Chihu Rock teleporter (#2634 on the interactive Genshin Impact map) and across the plaza from the Jade Mystery. 

Players must once more interact with the client and choose the “About the Kamera” dialogue [1] option. The last update to the quest will occur when she has finished speaking.

How to Complete the Snapshot Quest

After serving both customers, the players must go back to Xu, who demands that they accept the prototype Kamera as a reward. 

Players will also receive two Hero’s Wit and 20,000 Mora after finishing their conversation with Xu, which might be helpful for Genshin Impact players who are still learning how to harvest Mora.

Genshin Impact- reporting back to Xu

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