And That Which is Different Shall Be Illuminated Genshin Impact

“And That Which is Different Shall Be Illuminated” Puzzle on Genshin Impact

If you’re one of the many people struggling to solve Genshin Impact’s Stone Plate Puzzle, you’re not alone. 

Our gamers have analyzed it closely and we have the solutions. If you want to know the steps necessary to complete the puzzle and get that sweet loot, follow this guide below:

How to Solve the Genshin Impact's Stone Plate Puzzle

In Genshin Impact, players can finish a Stone Plate puzzle in Seirai Island. Players will come across Pressure Plate puzzles while exploring Inazuma. 

Players must step on Pressure Plates to solve these puzzles, and each puzzle has its own set of procedures. One challenge may involve turning on all of the Pressure Plates at once, while another may need stepping on them in the precise order.

Before they can access this challenge, players must first figure out how to travel to Inazuma. In Genshin Impact, players will be able to visit the Seirai Islands after sailing to Inazuma. 

And That Which is Different Shall Be Illuminated

On Seirai Islands, there are multiple Pressure Plate puzzles, however, the one in question has the Stone Plate attached to it. To the right of Koseki Village is the Stone Plate puzzle. To save time traveling, players can teleport [1] to a nearby warp point.

The majority of the puzzles on Seirai Island in Genshin Impact are simple. However, the Stone Plate puzzle is unique. This puzzle can be found east of the Statue of the Seven on the island. 

It will be along the shore, and players will be able to find it by looking for a grid of 9 stone plates. When players arrive at this Genshin Impact location, they will see that three of the possible nine Stone Plates have already been ignited. 

To finish the puzzle, players must interact with the Stone Tablet in the back. “And that which is different shall be illuminated all the same,” it will say. This is an obvious tip for completing the Genshin Impact puzzle. 

Players must pay attention to the three lit-up Stone Tablets because they must light the opposite. It’s worth noting that the puzzle can only be solved if players light up specified plates.

And That Which is Different Shall Be Illuminated

Stepping on a plate twice will turn it off, and players will have to relight it. After taking down the pattern, there is a nearby gate that will transform the player into a ball of electricity. 

Follow this road, and the player will be transported to the other Stone Plate puzzle to the south of Koseki Village. Players can also swim across the island to reach this new puzzle. Simply step on the Stone Plates that were not lit in the previous puzzle to turn them on. 

When viewing the puzzle from the front, players must light the top-middle, top-right, middle-left, middle-right, bottom-left, and bottom-middle. 

This will complete the riddle and award players with an Exquisite Chest containing free Primogems, Mystic Enhancement Ore, Fine Enhancement Ore, Traveling Doctor’s Handkerchief, Exile’s Pocket Watch, and Seasoned Hunter’s Bow.

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