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FortressCraft Evolved Multiplayer Server — Your Quick Guide

FortressCraft Evolved is a voxel-based sandbox game that allows players to build, explore, and battle in an open world. The game is known for its creative building capabilities, allowing players to construct massive structures with a variety of blocks. 

If you want to take your FortressCraft Evolved experience to the next level, you can set up a multiplayer server and play with your friends. Here’s how:

How to Start a FortressCraft Evolved Multiplayer Server?

Starting a FortressCraft Evolved multiplayer server is a fairly simple process. First, press “esc” when you’re in a world. Then press “Multiplayer,” followed by “Host.” Hosting in-game works, but not as well as hosting on a separate server.

You need to know your IP if you want to host multiplayer. You can get that by typing “whatsyourip” into Google. There is a button called “Multiplayer” that appears when the game starts. 

Press that, then press the “Add new” button. Then, type your IP address into the field that appears. After that, go to the list and click on your IP address. Then, click the join button


You also need to make sure that all your security measures (like firewalls and antivirus software) let FortressCraft send and receive information. It is not allowed to use VPN clients [1]. 

There are many things that can make multiplayer not work, but packet loss is the most obvious. It depends on your hardware and is not unique to FortressCraft. 

However, because FortressCraft uses so much data, you will notice it more than when you are just browsing the web. When you use a WiFi network, the chance of losing packets goes up a lot.


FortressCraft Evolved is a great game for creative players who want to build and explore in an open world. Setting up a multiplayer server is a great way to extend the fun and play with your friends. 

All you need to do is make sure that your IP address is correctly entered, that all security measures are allowing the game to connect and that there is no packet loss. 

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