Fortnite- spooky tv set on a small island northeast of Craggy Cliffs Fortnite

Spooky TV Locations on Fortnite

It’s just about time for Season 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale, but there are still Foreshadowing Quests to complete before the end of the current season. 

The most recent series of these teaser challenges requires gamers to destroy spooky TV sets. Here’s a guide to help you find them all. Happy hunting!

Where to Destroy Spooky TV Sets

Simply choose five that are most handy for you out of the seven spooky TV sets. 

To finish this task, it is recommended to drop into Team Rumble in case you get eliminated. Instead of starting over from scratch in a new lobby, you can choose to respawn in that mode. All the spooky TVs in Fortnite may be found here.

Fortnite- spooky tv set on Lazy Lake
Fortnite- map

Don’t worry if you can’t reach them all right once since. As you can see, the spooky TV sets are somewhat dispersed and you don’t need to take all five of them in one round. 

Just pick the five that work best for you and do away with them using your Pickaxe. All of the Foreshadowing Quests in Fortnite Season 7, including these spooky TV sets, all point to one thing: aliens. 

There have been strange “They’re Coming” ARG, which Epic has yet to acknowledge. It has been all but confirmed to be a Fortnite tie-in at this point, with several Fortnite streamers receiving cryptic DVDs [1] showing crop circle footage and other mysterious things that are happening, supports the theory that the quests leaked days before they were to appear in the game.

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