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Fortnite Mini-Puft: All You Need to Know

Many gamers are left wondering where the Mini-Puft is for Fortnite. While this may be a simple question, it’s one that many gamers are struggling to find an answer to. 

The good news is, we got all the answers. In this post, our gamers will tell you everything you need to know about the whereabouts of the Mini-Puft in Fortnite. Stay tuned.

Where is the Mini-Puft on Fortnite?

Fortnitemares is back, and one of the quests this year is to kill Mini-Pufts with a pickaxe in Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake, or Retail Row. This challenge was made in partnership with Ghostbusters Afterlife. 

Before you can start it, you have to talk to the Ghostbusters Containment Specialist and put seismographs in Misty Meadows and Catty Corner. After you finish that quest, you can start this one right away. 

Here are the locations in Fortnite where you can use a pickaxe to kill Mini-Pufts.

Mini-Puft Fortnite

In Sludgy Swamp, the Mini-Pufts are in the small red brick building to the south of the big building in the middle. Inside, you can find them messing around behind the counter and trying out the Slurp Juice containers. 

In Sludgy Swamp, there are 5 Mini-Pufts, but you only need to kill 3 of them to finish this quest.

In Lazy Lake, the Mini-Pufts is by the pool in the southeast part of town. They mess around with the grill and hide in the sinks near where the grill is. Here, there are 5 Mini-Pufts waiting to be killed, just like in Sludgy Swamp.

In Retail Row, the Mini-Pufts are in the bookstore on the eastern edge of the area. Most of them are on or near the counter, but one is hiding on top of a nearby bookshelf [1]. Just like in the other areas, you can find 5 Mini-Pufts here.

Mini-Puft Fortnite

How to Destroy Mini-Pufts

The famous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from the first Ghostbusters movie is a small version of a Mini-Puft. You can find them in places like Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake, and Retail Row. 

They seem to be up to no good in all three areas, so you can usually find them all together in a place they shouldn’t be.

You just need to hit enough of them with your pickaxe to finish this quest. You only have to kill 3 of them to finish the mission, but there are 5 of them in each spot.

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