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How to Fix Fortnite “Servers Not Responding” Error

Encountering the “servers not responding” errors when playing Fortnite can create problems for your player base. If you encounter this error any time you want to connect to a server or after every update, you can count on the pro tips shared by our resident gamers.

Why is Fortnite Not Connecting to the Server?

There are various reasons players experience the “server not responding” error message in Fortnite. 

In most cases, Fortnite servers are down or undergoing maintenance when this error occurs. If it is a specific maintenance period, there will be a fixed duration for the maintenance. 

fortnite server not responding

But in some cases, the Fortnite server not responding problem is attributed to errors at the players’ end. To solve the game issue, all you have to do is restart your internet connection and device.

What to Do When Servers Aren't Responding on Fortnite

If you are facing connection issues and wish to fix Fortnite servers, simply follow these troubleshooting steps for an easy fix:

#1: Check if Fornite Servers are Down

If you are still greeted with the servers not responding error on your screen after restarting your device and internet router, then it could be that the game servers are down. 

Contact Fortnite support to find out more details and for further assistance. It would also be best if you wait for the Fortnite team to fix issues. This usually lasts for several hours.

#2: Follow @FortniteStatus for Fast Updates

One way to stay abreast of happenings surrounding the Fortnite platform’s servers is to search for @FortniteStatus on Twitter and other social media platforms for a server status update.

@FortniteStatus on Twitter

If they have issues with their network connection or are undergoing server maintenance and not a sudden outage, you will be the first to know. The devs will inform players of any issue they encounter and update their timeline when the services return.

#3: Check if the Platform is Down

Another reason why Fortnite servers are not responding is that the platform is down. You can check the game’s social media channels or the Epic Games status website. If the servers are down you will need to wait for the process out and play Fortnite later.

#4: Restart/Reboot Your PC/Console and Router/Modem

Since the Fortnite game is an online game, you may need to turn off your internet network and reboot your PC/console and modem [1]

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The most dreaded moment for fans of online games is server downtime. Not to worry, if the server is down because of maintenance, Fortnite’s devs investigate issues quickly. They are always keen to address server issues and they usually resolve them in no time. 

However, if it is on your end as a player, you can use the tips shared by our resident gamers to solve the Fortnite servers not responding error.

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