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Fixed: Can’t Create a Character on a Server on FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV servers are unstable sometimes during maintenance or upgrade, which can cause server downtime or delays. During this time, you may encounter issues while creating a character on an FFXIV server. 

To help, we have taken the time to compile all the solutions. Learn all the options in this guide:

Fix #1: Check the Server Status Page for Congested and Preferred Worlds

Although the problem with creating a new character is mostly from the server, it’s not a bad idea to check if the problem is from your end – maybe you have a poor network reception in your area.

can't create character on FFXIV due to congested servers/worlds

Also, preferred world and congested servers are usually under maintenance. It can be difficult to create functions on an already overloaded server because many people send requests at the same time. The server may not be able to respond to all of them at the same time.

Fix #2: Wait for the Players on the Server to Leave and Decrease

Another very useful trick is to wait for players from a specific server to go down. If many requests are sent simultaneously, the server can be under a lot of stress.

You can expect the number of players to reduce between 2 am and 5 am when the number of players online is minimal. You should be able to create a character within this time.

Fix #3: Refresh to Get New Sets of Servers

Using the refresh button would give you a set of servers available. Some of these servers are not in use, so you should be able to play in them.

choosing a character name on FFXIV

Sometimes you may need to refresh multiple times. There are many others trying, and the server may fill up when you try to submit a character.

Fix #4: Try Creating a Character Again

If all fixes listed above didn’t work, you should try again. If your server isn’t congested or under maintenance, you can restart the game or your PC, then create a character again.


Can you make a character on a congested server on FFXIV?

No, you cannot create a character on a congested server on FFXIV. Congested servers are usually under maintenance since many people use them. They might be lagging or the FFXIV connection with the server has been completely lost. If you want to create a character, you should try the standard servers, as these servers are available for use.


If you can’t create a character on an FFXIV server, it’s best to ask a friend if they are facing similar problems. FFXIV may be undergoing other maintenance or updating, which causes this issue. If all else fails, you can visit their support team page to file a complaint and find solutions to solve this particular issue [1].

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