Is Farmskins Legit & Safe? Review and Promo Code (2022)

Farmskins is a skin-opening website that has been in the business for more than three years. The site has been featured on various YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers. But prospective users are still unsure of its legitimacy because of numerous fishy skins platforms. 

If you don’t want to entrust your hard-earned money to a potential scam, here’s a comprehensive Farmskins review from our seasoned players. 

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What is Farmskins?

Farmskins is a well-known and safe CSGO gamble, betting, and case opening site. Newbies and old players alike can win rare and free cases. The operator fully protects your personal information and the details of your payment method.

Farmskins is one of the most well-known and active sites that sponsor CSGO tournaments reopening. They have been in operation for four years, making them one of the most established and thus dependable case opening sites and companies today.

Is Farmskins Legit?

Farmskins gambling site is legit and not a scam site. Each month, the site receives more than a quarter of a million page views. It is a secure and legitimate platform with a large user base and many social media followers.

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The official Farmskin website has a padlock (SSL) installed, which means that all connection between your machine and the server is entirely encrypted. Because of this, no one will be able to listen in on your conversations. 

Farmskins Features and Offers

Case Openings

In terms of games offered, Farmskins is limited to CSGO skins and case openings. Skins are pretty popular in other games as well, even if the latter is limited to CSGO exclusively. Dota 2 is the most popular of them all, which is also a Valve game. 

While they also don’t have any casino games, you can open additional open cases with a Farmskins promo code, boosting your chances of earning uncommon CSGO skins. 

Case Battles

Aside from case opening, Farmskins allow players to join in a case fight. First, you first need to enter the battle, then select your favorite cases to wager on. Then, identify how many participants are to play and the method to win. Finally, the winner is the one who receives the most valued object, while the loser is the person who receives the least valuable item. 

You can start or join a battle in a case battle entirely based on luck.  When creating a case, choose how many cases you wish to engage in (up to 30) and how many others can join (up to 4). The champion is the one who would win and make the most money out of all the cases when they are opened and receives all of the skins.

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When organizing a case battle, keep in mind that you will receive items from all users in that battle if you take the lead. To end the battle, go to the website, find the “QUIT BATTLE” button, and click it. The total value of your cases will then be sent to your account. 


From the Farmskins review done by our team, you can choose to upgrade your skins from low-value to high-value. You get to choose which one you want to purchase if you get the lead. The larger the price difference between the two skins, the higher the competition. 


To sign a contract, you must follow the instructions closely. Customers can choose the undesired items obtained through cases for a better deal. Put between three to ten goods in the contract, and the total price of the item is determined by the overall worth of the products you use.


The official Farmskins website gives specific statistics, such as the number of cases that have been opened. There are 64,899,428+ total opened cases at the time of writing this review.

Locations Available allows anyone interested in betting to register quickly and easily. The website accepts registrations from almost all countries; nevertheless, people from some countries are still barred from using it.

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Deposit and Withdrawal

Farmskins has reliable deposit methods and an active customer support team to resolve transaction issues. You can utilize the G2Pay or any other deposit method convenient for you to add funds and make a deposit into your account from your balance. 

The withdrawal methods are simple, and you can use any of the withdrawal methods convenient for you. The procedure is simple. You’ll see an “ACCEPT” button near the item you wish to withdraw when you enter through your profile page. 

When you click it, your order will be sent to you via a trade offer URL that you can see on your Steam account. You have to accept the site’s bot’s trade request to withdraw.

Payment Options

They provide many payment alternatives, such as Visa, Maestro, G2A Wallets, Mastercard, Union Pay, Skrill, Webmoney, Alipay, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Qiwi, and WeChatPay, so that everyone may choose one that suits them.

Bonuses and Giveaways

As a well-known betting site that’s legit and operating, players can expect to open additional cases with the Farmskins promo code , boosting your chances of earning uncommon skins. It also offers new gamers promo codes for free money, plus you can also win a free bonus. 

As a result, you can sell your skins from your Steam profile for real cash to increase your balance or buy more skins. 

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You can also claim Farmskins free bonus coupons, prizes, referral codes, and giveaway prizes. These are all viable ways presented to make additional points on the Farmskins betting site. 

There are free bonus points for referring friends and using an affiliate Farmskins code and free daily cases and enrollment bonuses for novices. 

From our research and reviews from social media platforms, you can get a daily bonus if you visit Farmskins often. 

User- Friendliness

The Farmskins site interface is modern. It is also well-optimized with special features and opening pages that do not take long to load.

For a site that receives more than a quarter of a million page views every month, it caters to a variety of users with games offered in versatile languages. The website also offers a daily bonus upon opening.

Customer Support

Farmskins is a trusted platform for CSGO trading. From our gaming team’s reviews, their customer support [1] is highly responsive, although there is no live chat support.

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Tenured customers and new users are additionally reassured by their presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and their participation in the competitive CSGO scene, as evidenced by the tournaments they host.

Refund and Guarantee

Farmskins does not provide refunds for deposits. When you join up for the service, you agree to the Terms of Service, which indicate that “by topping up an amount to your FarmSkins wallet with the minimum amount, you accept that the credits obtained (identified with the $-sign) are not worth real cash and are not subject to any returns.”


When it comes to money exchange, especially on betting platforms, security is meant to be top-notch. Since Farmskins was launched in 2016, it now receives up to 250,000 monthly visitors. 

It frequently supports CSGO events. The website protects the sensitive information of users with SSL encrypted connections which you can spot the sign at the top left corner of the screen. Players are reminded to keep their login details to avoid attacks.


Where is Farmskins located?

The location of Farmskin’s headquarters is in Tallinn, Estonia. The online store for in-game components was established in 2016 to provide digital users with assets for the game CS: GO.

Can you withdraw skins from Farmskins?

FarmSkins exclusively accepts CS:GO skins as a form of payment. For example, the collected funds cannot be withdrawn via PayPal or cryptocurrency. 

Opening different cases and playing in mini-games such as Case Battle, Upgrade, and Contract are the only ways to obtain skins in your inventory on the site.

Also, you’re under no obligation to accept the CS:GO skins you’ve created. You can sell them by clicking the SELL button in MY ITEMS, located under Accept. You can use the funds to start a new case. In case of irregularities or help with deposit methods, customer support is available to help any location. 

How Does Farmskins work?

Farmskins is a CS:GO case opening and betting site that is open for everyone. It provides a more natural approach to saving cash using a discount code. Following your registration, go to the deposit section and click the “promo code” option. Then you’ll see a list of affiliate codes, which you may input into the field and then press the credit button to credit your account.

Then you may go to a retailer’s website and generate a list of everything you need to buy. We like to use the browser extension to automatically receive a coupon whenever you shop online.

The app provides a variety of coupon possibilities for a variety of businesses and local brand suppliers.

All you have to do is choose your favorite online store, go to the search box, find some coupons, and save a lot of money on your next purchase. The Farmskins app comes in a user-friendly mobile version. It provides a quality mobile experience and high-grade features and services just at the tap of their fingers.

Farmskins Review Conclusion

To answer the essential query “is Farmskins legit?”, our team concludes that Farmskins is a legit platform for case opening and betting. They also offer new gamers promo codes and a chance to claim an exclusive Farmskins free bonus. As a result, you can sell your skins for real profit or buy more, unlike some case opening sites. 

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