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How to Increase Ammo Capacity in Far Cry 6

It is absolutely necessary to have a plentiful supply of ammunition for all of your weapons if you hope to successfully free Yara. So in this guide, our resident gamers will walk you through the process of boosting the amount of ammunition you can carry with you at one time while also ensuring that you always have a consistent supply for the forthcoming fights. 

So, if you want to elevate your game play through obtaining more Ammo, you’re just on the right page!

Far Cry 6 Ammo: Where To Find It

1. Loot From Eliminated Enemies: As in previous Far Cry games, you can find ammo by looting eliminated enemies. After defeating a group of enemies, take the time to search the area for any ammo they may have dropped. 

This can range from small-caliber pistol bullets to large-caliber rifle shells. It is also important to note that some enemies may be carrying grenades or special weapons, such as flamethrowers, which can also provide you with extra ammo.

2.Unlock the Trusty Canine Companion–Boom Boom: In Far Cry 6, you can unlock a canine companion named Boom Boom that can help you find ammo. 

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By unlocking Boom Boom, you can send him out to search for ammo in nearby areas. He can also help distract enemies while you search for ammo, allowing you to stay safe while scavenging for supplies.

Boom Boom: What Are His Abilities?

Since, Boom Boom was already mentioned, might as well discuss his abilities that can be helpful in obtaining more Ammo in the game. 

Boom Boom possesses a range of unlockable abilities that can help maintain a steady supply of bullets. Among these abilities are:

For players who prefer a stealthy approach, the abilities of Expert Tracker and Pointer would prove to be highly advantageous.

What Are Ammo Boxes?

Ammo boxes are containers that can be found throughout the game world and used by players to refill their ammunition for their weapons.

To use an ammo box, players simply need to approach it and interact with it. This will trigger an animation where the player character opens the box and restocks their ammunition.

 Depending on the type of ammo box, players may be able to refill all of their weapons or only certain types of ammunition.

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How to Increase the Amount of Ammunition in Far Cry 6

If you want to increase your endurance in battles in Far Cry 6, it’s essential to expand your total ammo capacity by carrying more ammunition. Here are some of the options:

Cantina Buffs: One way to make it easier to manage your ammunition during difficult encounters in Far Cry 6 is by consuming a Cantina Buff. 

By spending a Hutia meat to purchase Bullets and Beans from a Cantina vendor, players can increase the amount of ammunition they can carry for all weapon types and improve their ability to loot additional ammo from defeated enemies. 

Armor: Armor can indirectly help manage ammo by increasing damage resistance or battle stats. Players can upgrade their Garrison at any Guerilla Camp to buy armor pieces that boost their ammo limit. Also, players get better armor with stronger benefits as the Garrison is upgraded. 

Supremo: The Supremo is a powerful device that can help players get out of difficult situations when they are overwhelmed by enemies. While its primary function is not related to ammunition, it does have mod [1] slots that allow players to customize its abilities to suit their playstyle. 

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One of the upgrades that players can equip on their Supremo is an ammo pouch, which provides a slight boost to the ammo capacity of a single weapon type.


Overall, increasing ammo capacity can play a crucial role in a player’s success in combat encounters. Running out of ammunition can leave players vulnerable and force them to retreat or switch to less effective weapons. 

Therefore, it is important for players to employ various methods to manage their resources and increase their ammo capacity. By strategizing and utilizing these methods, players can better equip themselves to overcome difficult encounters and emerge victorious in the game’s challenging battles.

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