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How to Populate Settlers on Fallout 4

Don’t like having only a few settlers in your settlements on Fallout 4? Here’s a guide on how to get more settlers to join you. Simply follow these simple steps and soon you’ll have plenty of help to make your settlement thrive!

How to Get More Settlers in Your Settlements?

Filling up the resources at the top will aid in the recruitment of Settlers.


The more food you have, the more people you can accommodate. Simply planting food will not be enough. 

You must assign a worker to the food in order for it to count as a resource in your Workshop menu. To assign a worker, navigate to the workshop menu and select a settler. 

This gives you command over him and allows you to use him as you see fit. You can direct them to gather food, patrol guard posts, and work at workstations [1].

Populate Settlers Fallout 4 food

Recruitment Radio Beacon

This will be your bread and butter in terms of recruiting. A generator, a power pylon connector, and, of course, the recruitment beacon are all required. 

Place the generator wherever you want, along with the power pylon and recruitment beacon. Connect the wire to the generator and the recruitment beacon by using the triangle (Y on Xbox) on the pylon. 

The beacon will be turned on by default, but you can turn it off if you believe a settlement has grown too large.


Another important consideration is having enough water. You can try to keep it around one per person and usually go a little overboard so that you can stay away for a while if new settlers arrive. 

A water pump does not require a settler to operate and is relatively simple to construct.


Populate Settlers Fallout 4 beds

The motto here is one bed per person. You’ll need 8 beds if you have 8 settlers. It is always a good idea to have extra beds available so that new people can join you while you are out adventuring.


This isn’t strictly necessary to get more settlers, but it will help keep your existing ones alive. Every now and then, one of your camps will be raided, and you will be able to defend it. 

Placing turrets, traps, and guard posts will improve a settlement’s defense and increase the chances of your settlers surviving.

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